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The history of AFM 103 G - Part 3 : School Operation (1982-1992)

  On 3rd December 1982 AFM103G was sold to Colbury Foxhills County High School, Colbury, Southampton where it was named 'Foxhills Flyer II'. Before sale Crosville had repainted the coach white with a blue stripe and the school's logos. I've very grateful to Andy Leckenby for this picture of it at the school on the 31st March 1983.

From here its history has been put together from various documents, as well as information from a DVLA V888 search.

BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in Colbury
It carried AA certificates for Mar 81-Feb 83, both however with the registration of FEL750D and in the name of Hollybrook Middle School which is on the other side of Southampton. FEL750D was the previous Foxhills Flyer (details/picture here) and the headmaster of Foxhills School at the time had moved from Hollybrook School which also ran a Bristol MW (details/picture here).
It was reported as sold to a school called Holybrook School in Buckinghamshire in May 1987, however I cannot find any trace of this school and there maybe some confusion caused by the situation above. It was however still being reported as being there in the 2nd 'Reliable Bristols' book in 1993.

  On 19th April 1985 it passed to Ward Jones of High Wycombe, a dealer and repairer. On 22nd May 1985 it was sold to Buckinghamshire County Council, acting for Kings Wood County Middle School, High Wycombe whose PSV licence disc, issued on 6 June 1988, it still carried when I purchased it.
A picture of it with the school, but still in the Foxhills livery, is on Donald Macrae's site. By this stage it had lost its front foglights.

On 22nd May 1991 it was taxed at Aylesbury, until 31 May 1992.

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