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The history of AFM 103 G - Part 4 : Restoration, (1992-2007)

  On 20th July 1992 AFM103G was bought for preservation by Fry, Luton. On 25th September 1992 it is recorded as changing colour to Ivory/White/Brown. During this time it passed an MOT in Amersham on 4th December 1992 and in Luton on 5th January 1994. It visited Alton Towers on 15th May 1993, and in September 1993 a blind was made for it as part of its use by Manor Scout Group, Icknield, Luton. It was taxed at Luton on 23 April 1993 and 2nd October 1993 through to 31 March 1994 and its last tax disc was bought to run 20th May - 31 October 1994. It may have attended rallys in 1992-1994, including the RT/RF register rally in 1994.

   BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in St Helens On the 2nd of October 1994 it was sold to the DFG 157 Group, Warrington who also own Crosville Lodekka DFG157.
From December 1995 to March 1996 work started on stripping off its outer panels. In April 1997 it was moved into the St. Helens Transport Museum. During its time here the museum had to close to the public because of problems with the roof. It re-opened as the North West Museum of Road Transport, in 2006. Work continued on AFM103G's bodywork with the wood framing holding the side panels being replaced, after which new panels were fitted.

Photo copyright Steve Graham.
  On 11th October 2004 it passed to Norman Johnstone who finished off most of the re-panelling and also replaced the fuel pump. In October 2006, following an advert on Rob Sly's site, it was purchased by myself.

Photos copyright Carl Berry, taken September 30th 2006
BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in St Helens
    BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in St Helens BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in St Helens
  On 4th February 2007, 38 years after it was first registered, it is seen saying goodbye to its home for almost 10 years, the North West Museum of Road Transport. Whilst the Gardner caused a certain amount of fog after it started, the greyness in this view is all down to a natural fog bank!
BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in St Helens
   BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in Smallwood After a 40 mile run it is seen at Smallwood, near Sandbach, on February 4th 2007. The stop outside the pub was coincidental, it wasnt open at the time!
No new problems were identifed during its journey and in the next couple of months work began to finish its restoration.
On 20th May 2007, after 12 years away from public view, AFM103G once again appeared in a rally program (For the Bristol Harbourside Rally). However its fame was short lived as, owing to ongoing work, it was still in a workshop in the Midlands!
  Whilst I would love to be able to say that AFM103G's current condition is as a result of hours of hard work by me, most of the work was done by Reliance Bus Works in Newcastle under Lyme. This picture shows it in mid May 2007 after the first of its visits to the paint shop.
Photo copyright Martyn Hearson.

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BRISTOL RELH ECW coach AFM103G in Newcastle under Lyme

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