Bus and tram route history

History of routes operated  by Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co., Bristol Omnibus Co., and their subsidiaries and successors.   

Timetables published by Bath and North East Somerset Council
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Timetable Leaflet1/4/1997Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet28/7/1997Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet1/9/1997Leaflet 
Keynsham and Saltford Timetable1/11/1997Pamphlet 
North Somerset/Chew Valley timetable30/3/1998Pamphlet 
Timetable Leaflet8/8/1998Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet14/9/1998Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet1/5/1999Leaflet 
Bath and North East Somerset map10/8/1999Map 
Timetable Leaflet2/4/2001Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet3/9/2001Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet8/4/2002Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet16/6/2003Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet11/4/2004Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet7/6/2004Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet1/5/2005Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet3/5/2005Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet6/6/2005Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet19/9/2005Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet12/12/2005Leaflet 
Public Transport Map1/5/2006Map 
2006-2007 Timetable1/7/2006Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet4/4/2007Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet26/5/2009Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet1/7/2009Leaflet 
Timetable Leaflet1/9/2010Leaflet