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History of routes operated  by Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co., Bristol Omnibus Co., and their subsidiaries and successors.   

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Route Number506
 Bristol, Centre
 Bristol, Old Market
 Bristol, Lawrence Hill
 Bristol, Whitehall
 Bristol, New Cheltenham Road
Ran between26/10/1986 and End of 2001
OperatorCityline/First Bristol
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    6  Bristol, Rookery Farm Estate-Kingswood  Bristol Omnibus  9/2/1986-25/10/1986  
    6  Bristol, Centre-Kingswood  Cityline/First Bristol  26/10/1986-End of 2008  
    6  Bristol, Centre-Longwell Green  First Bristol  3/8/2008-End of 2010  
    6A  Bristol, Centre-Kingswood  Cityline/First Bristol  31/5/1987-End of 2003  
   506  Bristol, Centre-Kingswood  Cityline/First Bristol  26/10/1986-End of 2001  
   506  Bristol, Centre-Kingswood  Durbins  31/7/1994-End of 1995  
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