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History of routes operated  by Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co., Bristol Omnibus Co., and their subsidiaries and successors.   

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Route Number 4
 Cheltenham, Ladies College
Ran between1894 and End of 1894
OperatorCheltenham Omnibus Company
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    1  Cheltenham-Cheltenham, Cleeve Hill  Cheltenham District Traction Company  1933-25/9/1954  
    4  Cheltenham, Ladies College-Southam  Cheltenham Omnibus Company  1894-End of 1894  
   587  Cheltenham-Cheltenham, Cleeve Hill  Cheltenham District Traction Company  20/2/1972-15/2/1975  
   587  Cheltenham-Cheltenham, Cleeve Hill  Bristol Omnibus  16/2/1975-26/1/1980  
   Tram  Cheltenham, Lansdown Castle-Cheltenham, Cleeve Hill  Cheltenham Light Railway Company  1/8/1901-31/12/1926  
   Tram  Cheltenham-Cheltenham, Cleeve Hill  Cheltenham Light Railway Company  1927-1/3/1930  
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