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History of routes operated  by Bristol Tramways & Carriage Co., Bristol Omnibus Co., and their subsidiaries and successors.   

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Route Number 33
 Derry Hill
 Calne, John Bentley School
Ran between31/8/2004 and End of 2004
OperatorCalne Coaches
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    33  Chippenham-Devizes  MC Travel  9/4/1995-11/1/1997  
    33  Chippenham-Devizes  Minerva Travel  9/4/1995-11/1/1997  
    33  Chippenham-Calne, John Bentley School  Calne Coaches  31/8/2004-End of 2004  
    33  Canning Hill-Chippenham  APL Travel  31/8/2004-End of 2004  
    33  Devizes-Chippenham  APL Travel  1/6/2006-End of 2007  
    46A  Chippenham-Calne  Bath Tramways Motor Services  19/9/1965-16/9/1967  
    93  Chippenham-Avebury  Connors  1/4/1995-End of 1996  
    93  Chippenham-Avebury  Hatts  1/4/1995-End of 1996  
   233  Chippenham-Calne  Bristol Omnibus  17/9/1967-End of 1980  
   233  Chippenham-Devizes  Bristol Omnibus  10/4/1983-End of 1983  
   233  Chippenham-Devizes  Badgerline  1/7/1985-11/1/1997  
   233  Bromham-Devizes  Devizes Taxis  7/6/1987-End of 1992  
   233  Calne-Devizes  MC Travel  10/5/1993-End of 1994  
   233  Chippenham-Calne  Faresaver  10/5/1993-End of 1994  
   233  Chippenham, Manor Road-Calne  Connors  9/4/1995-8/9/1996  
   233  Chippenham, Manor Road-Calne  Faresaver  9/4/1995-8/9/1996  
   233  Chippenham-Calne  Faresaver  7/8/1995-11/1/1997  
   233  Chippenham-Calne  Connors  7/8/1995-11/1/1997  
   237  Chippenham-Calne  Western National  26/4/1942-End of 1959  
   299  Chippenham-Calne  Faresaver  1/4/1996-End of 1996  
   X33  Chippenham-Devizes  MC Travel  9/9/1996-11/1/1997  
   X33  Chippenham-Devizes  APL Travel  31/8/2004-End of 2007  
Referenced in timetablesCalne of 31/8/2004