BRISTOL RELH/ECW     A website about the original ECW body on the Bristol RELH chassis.
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Information about the RELH/ECW coaches is broken down into topics on different pages:
General Information    General details, EFE models and birthdays.
The coaches in use    Examples of the services that these coaches would have run in their early years.
Bristol/ECW drawings    Some of the original manufacture's drawings for the chassis and body.
Body style details    How many of each body style were made, and for who.
Pictures by Location    A breakdown of the pictures by location, where this is known.
Pictures by Date    A breakdown of the pictures by year, where this is known.
Other Bristol chassis    Details of other Bristol REs, and other Bristol/ECW products.


Listing of each Bristol RELH in existence at anytime during each year
YearTotal in ExistenceMovements in yearTotal in PSV servicePreservedTotal with
other uses
Total producedPhotos taken
in the year
19634Click Here4004 Click Here
1964121Click Here12100117 Click Here
1965124Click Here124003 Click Here
1966186Click Here1860062 Click Here
1967246Click Here2460060 Click Here
1968322Click Here3220076 Click Here
1969369Click Here3690047 Click Here
1970412Click Here4120044 Click Here
1971412Click Here41200 Click Here
1972412Click Here41200 Click Here
1973412Click Here41200 Click Here
1974411Click Here41100 Click Here
1975410Click Here41000 Click Here
1976409Click Here40900 Click Here
1977401Click Here40100 Click Here
1978377Click Here36805 Click Here
1979336Click Here32305 Click Here
1980300Click Here29206 Click Here
1981207Click Here175213 Click Here
1982156Click Here123316 Click Here
1983125Click Here104314 Click Here
1984101Click Here77516 Click Here
198564Click Here37916 Click Here
198657Click Here271216 Click Here
198754Click Here231315 Click Here
198849Click Here221113 Click Here
198947Click Here201212 Click Here
199042Click Here161410 Click Here
199140Click Here121610 Click Here
199234Click Here7188 Click Here
199334Click Here6216 Click Here
199432Click Here5233 Click Here
199531Click Here5223 Click Here
199631Click Here7230 Click Here
199729Click Here5230 Click Here
199829Click Here7210 Click Here
199929Click Here6220 Click Here
200029Click Here6220 Click Here
200128Click Here4230 Click Here
200227Click Here4220 Click Here
200327Click Here3230 Click Here
200427Click Here1250 Click Here
200527Click Here1251 Click Here
200626Click Here1241 Click Here
200726Click Here1241 Click Here
200826Click Here1241 Click Here
200926Click Here1241 Click Here
201026Click Here1241 Click Here
201126Click Here1241 Click Here
201226Click Here2231 Click Here
201326Click Here2231 Click Here
201426Click Here2231 Click Here
201526Click Here0251 Click Here
201626Click Here0251 Click Here
201725Click Here0241 Click Here
201825Click Here0241 Click Here
201925Click Here0241 Click Here
202025Click Here0241 Click Here
202125Click Here0241 Click Here
Note: The PSV service total above refers to vehicles owned by coach operators. Several of the preserved RELHs are licensed to be used as PSVs, but are only used for special occasions. Conversely some of those owned by PSV operators were not used in service.

   Links to websites about other Bristol REs, and all other Bristol/ECW vehicles can be found here.
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