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Thank you to:
  Alex Jeenes for pictures for this site.
  Andrew Colley for pictures for this site.
  Andy Harris for most of the scans of historic timetables that are on this site.
  Andy Leckenby for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
  Brian for his 'Bus Lists on the web' website.
  Cliff Essex for pictures for this site.
  Colin Oakley for pictures for this site.
  Dave Godley for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
  David Lang for information about Eastern National, and the pictures on his website.
  David Mant for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
  Graham Senior for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
  John Card for giving me access to his research into the body styles carried.
  Ken Evans for pictures for this site.
  Ken Jones for pictures for this site.
  Mark Stokes for pictures and information for this site.
  Michael Lambert
  Nigel Frampton for information about the Red and White fleet, and pictures for this site.
  Richard for his 'Gloucestershire's buses' website which provided most Bristol Omnibus information.
  Richard Diment for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
  Rob Sly for his excellent website covering surviving Bristol buses of all types.
  Steve Graham for pictures of CRG103 for this site.
Thank you to everybody listed below for publishing their photographs on the Internet:
     1451-b45/05  acd40  Adam Smith
     Adrian Griffith  AEC Regent  Aire Valley Transport Collection
     AJA118  Alistair Holt/Keith Holt  Alwyn Ladell
     Andew Harvey-Adams  Andrew Mann  Andrew Riley
     Andrew Shirley  Andrew Tucker  Andy Burbidge
     Andy Campbell  Andy Harris  Andy Mitchell
     Ant Poulton  Ashley Lennox-Kay  bkp550
     Bob Brimley  Bob the Busman  Brian A Smith
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     Bus and Coach Photos  Bus Pics South  Bus Preservation
     Bus Watch  Busworks  Calum Maclennan
     Carl-Thomas Gorse  Chris Palmer  Chris Stanley
     Classic Bus Website  cliffthemilk  Colin Gittins
     crisparmour  Darren Harris  Dave Andrew
     Dave Haddock (Yelloway Museum)  Dave Henderson  Dave Preston
     Dave Roberts  David Beilby  David Growns
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     wheelsnwings2007  Woods Library  Woolfie Hills
     WyeDevon  Wythall Transport Museum
Some useful sources of information on the Internet are:
 Classic Bus Events PageListing of road transport events throughout the year.
 National ExpressCoach travel in the United Kingdom
 Peter Gould's SiteHistoric Fleet Lists
 PSV Circle NewsheetsThe definitive source of information on PSVs in the UK.
 SCT'61 WebsiteInformation about Southend Corporation, Eastern National and a range of photos from the 1960/70s
 The Bus StationListing of most road transport related web sites in the world
 Transport ServicesInformation about bus, coach and rail services in the UK.
Useful sites for finding pictures are:
 FlickrImage publishing site
 Google Groups - Southwest bus photosPhotos of South West buses, joining required.
 Google ImagesImage search tool
Operators that can offer Bristol RELH coaches for hire include:
 Midland Red Coaches
Other related websites:
 Bristol Road Transport Collection
 Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection
 Bristol Vintage Bus Group
 Bristol RE Google group, joining required
 Information about other Bristol REs, and other Bristol/ECW vehicles
 Crosville Enthusiasts Club
 North West Museum of Road Transport
 Oxford Bus Museum
 Yelloway Motor Services

   Links to websites about other Bristol REs, and all other Bristol/ECW vehicles can be found here.
   If you can offer any information or photos to help improve this site (especially about AFM103G), please get in touch.