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Associated Motorways publicity item Associated Motorways publicity item 
 Associated Motorways was a grouping of several companies, mainly in the Midlands and South West, that had come together in 1934 to jointly market the express coach services that they operated. This was a smaller version of todays National Express network and Associated Motorways was only involved in the marketing of the services, it never operated any coaches of it's own and never introduced it's own livery.
The basic idea was for each company to operate services from it's own area to feed into a central hub where passengers could change onto services to other destinations. Associated Motorways then dealt with the marketing for all of these services. The chosen hub was at Cheltenham which was central to the companies involved, and was ideally placed on the major roads as they existed in the 1930s. Services interchanged in this way at various times in the day, however the most important interchange happened at 14.00 when it was possible to travel to and from every point in the network. This was also a convenient time for drivers and passengers to have a refreshment break.
As road speeds increased, especially with the building of the motorways, much longer coach journeys were possible and Cheltenham became less and less attractive as an interchange point. By the early 1980s few services interchanged at Cheltenham and the remainder were moved to Birmingham. For examples of the express coach services operated in the 1970s, see here.
The companies involved in the 1960s/1970s, all becoming part of the National Bus Company, were Black & White, Bristol Omnibus, Crosville, Eastern Counties, Lincolnshire, Midland Red, Red and White, Southdown, United Counties and Western National.

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Associated Motorways publicity item Associated Motorways publicity item 

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