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Crosville publicity item Crosville publicity item Crosville Bristol RELH/ECW coach AFM106G
Photo copyright: Carl Berry
 Crosville of Chester, as part of the Tilling group, was one of the original operators of this type of vehicle. Crosville's RELHs were used for many years on their main express routes out of Merseyside and North Wales to London, also between Merseyside and North and South Wales. For examples see here, most services were subsequently absorbed into the National Express system, details here. Crosville was also part of the 'Associated Motorways' network and also provided several services to a Welsh interchange at Aberystwyth in the summer.
One of their RELHs managed to appear in a car chase in 'The Sweeney'!
There were two versions of Crosville's 'Tilling Group' livery. One of them (Crosville Cream/Black (1)) had curves at the front of the midrail, the other (Crosville Cream/Black (2)) did not.
In the Winter of 1971/1972 most of Crosville's RELHs lost 3 of their 4 'feature panels' on the midrail, during the next winter most were repainted into NBC Express livery.
Some of the RELHs (those with bus type doors) were subsequently downgraded as the ERG class for use on local bus work. Because of this, and Crosville's alphanumeric numbering system, the fleet list will look better sorted by registration number.
For more information on the history of Crosville try the Crosville Enthusiasts' Club (1967) or Peter Gould's site. The companies former operations are now split between Arriva and Stagecoach.

For further information about Crosville, try looking for books on Amazon.

Specific Books about this operator:
   Crosville Motor Services 2
   Exploring Crosville Country - Part 1 England
   Exploring Crosville Country - Part 2 Wales
   The Prestige Series Crosville
   Crosville on Merseyside
   A History of Crosville Motor Services


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 Fleet ListFleet list of Crosville's RELHs.
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Fleet List
Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Purchase Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration NumberDate InDate Out
AFM102GCRG102 Feb 1969 Jan 1982  
AFM103GCRG103 6 Feb 1969 By 3 Apr 1981 Vehicle still in existence
 CRG103 Jul 1981 By 14 Oct 1981  
AFM104GCRG104 Feb 1969 25 Nov 1978  
AFM105GCRG105 1 Mar 1969 23 Oct 1981  
AFM106GCRG106 19 Mar 1969 By Feb 1982 Vehicle still in existence
AFM107GCRG107 Apr 1969 Jul 1981  
AFM108GCRG108 Apr 1969 Feb 1980  
AFM109GCRG109 Apr 1969 Mar 1980  
AFM110GCRG110 May 1969 Mar 1980  
AFM111GCRG111 1 May 1969 Mar 1980 Vehicle still in existence
EFM160HCRG160 Feb 1970 By Apr 1979  
EFM161HCRG161 Mar 1970 By Oct 1980  
EFM162HCRG162 1 Mar 1970 By Mar 1980  
EFM163HCRG163 6 Mar 1970 By Jan 1979 Vehicle still in existence
EFM164HCRG164 Feb 1970 Aug 1979  
OFM26ECRG26 Apr 1967 Apr 1980  
OFM27ECRG27 Mar 1967 Feb 1980  
OFM28ECRG28 Apr 1967 Apr 1980  
OFM29ECRG29 Apr 1967 Aug 1979  
UFM37FCRG37 Apr 1968 Mar 1980  
 CRG37 Apr 1980 Oct 1980  
UFM38FCRG38 Apr 1968 Mar 1979  
UFM39FCRG39 Apr 1968 May 1979  
UFM40FCRG40 Apr 1968 By Dec 1979  
UFM41FCRG41 Apr 1968 By Dec 1979  
5454FMCRG493 Jan 1964 Feb 1980  
5455FMCRG494 Jan 1964 May 1980  
5457FMCRG495 Feb 1964 May 1980  
5458FMCRG496 Feb 1964 Feb 1980  
7285FMCRG524 Jun 1964 Apr 1980  
7286FMCRG525 May 1964 May 1980  
AFM101BCRG526 Jun 1964 Feb 1980  
AFM102BCRG527 Jun 1964 Apr 1980  
AFM103BCRG528 Jun 1964 Apr 1980  
AFM104BCRG529 Jun 1964 Feb 1980  
AFM105BCRG530 Jul 1964 Apr 1980 Vehicle still in existence
AFM106BCRG531 Jul 1964 Feb 1980  
AFM107BCRG532 Jul 1964 By Sep 1980  
HFM571DCRG571 May 1966 Jul 1980  
HFM572DCRG572 May 1966 By Apr 1980  
HFM573DCRG573 May 1966 May 1980 Vehicle still in existence
HFM574DCRG574 May 1966 May 1980  
HFM575DCRG575 May 1966 By Sep 1980  
HFM576DCRG576 May 1966 Jul 1980  
HFM577DCRG577 May 1966 By Apr 1980  
HFM578DCRG578 May 1966 May 1980  
HFM579DCRG579 May 1966 By Apr 1980  
HFM580DCRG580 Apr 1966 Sep 1980  
AFM104GERG104 25 Nov 1978 18 Dec 1980  
AFM106GERG106 By Feb 1982 Nov 1984 Vehicle still in existence
AFM108GERG108 Feb 1980 Jan 1982  
AFM109GERG109 Mar 1980 Nov 1980  
AFM110GERG110 Mar 1980 Feb 1983  
AFM111GERG111 Mar 1980 Jan 1985 Vehicle still in existence
EFM160HERG160 By Apr 1979 Jan 1983  
EFM161HERG161 By Oct 1980 Mar 1983  
EFM162HERG162 By Mar 1980 By Jul 1985  
EFM163HERG163 By Jan 1979 Oct 1983 Vehicle still in existence
EFM164HERG164 Aug 1979 By Sep 1981  
OFM29EERG29 Aug 1979 Apr 1980  
UFM38FERG38 Mar 1979 Feb 1981  
UFM39FERG39 May 1979 Oct 1980  
UFM40FERG40 By Dec 1979 Feb 1981  
UFM41FERG41 By Dec 1979 By Oct 1980  
HFM572DERG572 By Apr 1980 May 1980  

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