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Owner details for United Automobile

United Automobile publicity item United Automobile publicity item United Automobile Bristol RELH/ECW coach NHN144E
Photo copyright: Carl Berry
 United Automobile of Darlington, as part of the Tilling group, was one of the original operators of this type of vehicle. This companies RELHs were used on express work between the North East of England and London. For examples see here.
United was the biggest operator of this type. Most were delivered as RExx following United's traditional numbering method. They were then renumbered into the 12xx series as express coaches. Later on they were renumbered into the 61xx series as they were downgraded to express buses (usually being repainted into NBC Red/White DP at the same time), then to the 43xx series indicating use as local buses. This often coincided with a repaint into NBC Red Bus livery (Which was unique to United on this type).
One of United's RELHs (NHN147E) was the first casualty for the type when it was involved in an accident, and subsequently 'dropped' by the crane that was trying to recover it!
For more information on the history of United see the United Enthusiasts' Club website. The company's former operations are now part of the Arriva group.

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