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United Automobile publicity item United Automobile publicity item United Automobile Bristol RELH/ECW coach NHN144E
Photo copyright: Carl Berry
 United Automobile of Darlington, as part of the Tilling group, was one of the original operators of this type of vehicle. This companies RELHs were used on express work between the North East of England and London. For examples see here.
United was the biggest operator of this type. Most were delivered as RExx following United's traditional numbering method. They were then renumbered into the 12xx series as express coaches. Later on they were renumbered into the 61xx series as they were downgraded to express buses (usually being repainted into NBC Red/White DP at the same time), then to the 43xx series indicating use as local buses. This often coincided with a repaint into NBC Red Bus livery (Which was unique to United on this type).
One of United's RELHs (NHN147E) was the first casualty for the type when it was involved in an accident, and subsequently 'dropped' by the crane that was trying to recover it!
For more information on the history of United see the United Enthusiasts' Club website. The company's former operations are now part of the Arriva group.

For further information about United Automobile, try looking for books on Amazon.


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Photos on the Internet

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   LiveryRegistration Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 NBC Red/White DP 157SHN   the bus gallery Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 157SHN 2 Jul 1976 Glasgow SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 157SHN Dec 1977 Glasgow Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 158SHN   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 101VHN   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red/White DP 101VHN 25 May 1974 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 102VHN   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 104VHN   bkp550 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 104VHN Aug 1971 Guisborough SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 104VHN May 1978 Scarborough Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 105VHN   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 105VHN   Peter Horrex Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 106VHN   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 107VHN   ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 108VHN   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red/White DP 109VHN Jul 1978 Kirk Yetholm Dave A Flett Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 110VHN Aug 1971 Guisborough SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 110VHN 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 13XHN   ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 13XHN   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 13XHN 8 Jan 1977 Darlington Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
     Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 14XHN   1431Andy Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 14XHN   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 15XHN   1431Andy Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 15XHN Dec 1975 Richmond SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 16XHN Jul 1968 Bishop Auckland SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach 917XHN Oct 1972 Darlington SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP 917XHN 1977 Bishop Auckland John Law Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP AHN120B   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP AHN120B   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN722D   1431Andy Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN723D 13 Apr 1975 Middlesborough Carl Berry Click here for photograph of HHN723D 
 NBC Red/White DP HHN723D Jun 1978 Redcar Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red/White DP HHN725D   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN726D   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN726D  Doncaster chucklebuster Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN27D  Barnard Castle AJA118 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN27D  Barnard Castle AJA118 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN27D 27 Jul 1972 Blackpool Mike Street Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP JHN27D 31 Dec 1977 York Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery JHN28D   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery JHN28D 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN29D 1974 Edinburgh Georgeupstairs Click Here 
 NBC Express JHN31D 22 Jul 1978 Bishop Auckland Guy Lowlander Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN332D 30 Jul 1972 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 NBC Express JHN334D   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Express JHN334D 18 Mar 1978 Blyth bkp550 Click Here 
 NBC Express JHN335D  Cambridge Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN840D   Neil.DBW31 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN141E 8 Jul 1973 Scarborough Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN141E   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN143E   sms88aec Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN144E  Bishop Auckland Stuart Bell Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN144E Jun 1973 Cheltenham Carl Berry Click here for photograph of NHN144E 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN144E  Stockton Woods Library Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN146E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN148E    ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN148E 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN149E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Express NHN150E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN150E  Middlesbrough Sou'wester Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN152E   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN152E   ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN953E 1977 London Steve Annells Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN953E   Ian Trotter Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN954E   Clifford Essex Click here for photograph of NHN954E 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN954E 25 Jun 1977 Scarborough Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN955E   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN956E 18 Aug 1979 Scarborough Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN957E  Whitley Bay ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN957E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Express NHN958E  Lincoln Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN958E 18 Aug 1979 Scarborough Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN959E   Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN959E   ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN959E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN959E   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN961E 1978  Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN962E   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN962E 27 May 1978 Blackpool Chris Roberts Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN962E 22 May 1979 Morpeth bkp550 Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN963E Oct 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
 NBC Express NHN963E  Sedgefield Stuart Bell Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN963E 24 Jul 1979 Scarborough Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery NHN963E Aug 1979 Guisborough SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 NBC Red Bus livery
   Rear View 
NHN964E   Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Red/White DP SHN769F   southlancs Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach SHN770F  London Previously listed on eBay   
 United Cream/Olive Green coach SHN771F   southlancs Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach
   Rear View 
SHN771F  London Previously listed on eBay   
 NBC Express SHN771F 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
     bkp550 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP SHN772F   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP SHN773F   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of SHN773F 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach WHN676G   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NBC Express WHN676G May 1974 Ilkeston berisfordjones Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach WHN678G   Stuart Bell Click Here 
 NBC Express WHN678G 1976 Lincoln Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 NBC Express WHN678G 1977  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of WHN678G 
 NBC Red/White DP WHN678G 28 Jun 1979 Edinburgh Fray Bentos Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP WHN678G Aug 1979 Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Guess Click Here 
 NBC Express WHN679G 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP WHN680G  Glasgow Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN581H   ijr65 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN581H 1980 Newcastle upon Tyne Jeremy Chapter Click Here 
 United Cream/Olive Green coach BHN582H 26 May 1973 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN582H   southlancs Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN582H Aug 1979 Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Guess Click Here 
 NBC Express BHN583H 27 May 1978 Blackpool Chris Roberts Click Here 
 NBC Express BHN584H  Carlisle Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
 NBC Express BHN584H 17 Jul 1978 Newcastle upon Tyne bkp550 Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN584H  Newcastle upon Tyne lowdekka Click Here 
 NBC Red/White DP BHN585H  Middlesbrough Woods Library Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach 101VHN  Leaming Bar Nick Blurton Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach 103VHN   Previously listed on eBay   
**United Cream/Olive Green coach 105VHN Aug 1970  Transport Images Click Here 
**NBC Red/White DP 110VHN 21 Jan 1978 Newcastle upon Tyne antrimfj Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach 16XHN  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN724D   Previously listed on eBay   
**United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN724D  Peterborough John Law Click Here 
**NBC Red/White DP HHN724D 1977 Bishop Auckland John Law Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach HHN725D   Previously listed on eBay   
**United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN29D   Previously listed on eBay   
**NBC Express JHN333D   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN334D   Previously listed on eBay   
**United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN335D   Previously listed on eBay   
**United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN836D   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach JHN839D   Previously listed on eBay   
**NBC Red Bus livery NHN143E  Pickering John Law Click Here 
**United Cream/Olive Green coach NHN149E   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**NBC Red Bus livery NHN960E 27 Jun 1979 Newcastle upon Tyne Fray Bentos Click Here 
**NBC Express SHN767F   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**NBC Express SHN768F  Sedgefield John Law Click Here 
**NBC Red/White DP WHN677G   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**NBC Express WHN679G   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of WHN679G 
**NBC Red/White DP BHN582H   Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
**NBC Red/White DP BHN584H  Carlisle Mark Bowerbank Click Here 

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