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Details of owners of RELH/ECW coaches that existed in 1964, for a list of pictures taken in 1964 click here.

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Those shown in bold have photographs taken in 1964 available.

Owners shown in Green are preservationists, Red are dealers, Blue for PSV use and brown for None-PSV.
Registration Chassis NumberStill
Exists ?
VVL730212.019  Lincolnshire 
VVL731212.020  Lincolnshire 
WFE415212.046  Lincolnshire 
WFE416212.047  Lincolnshire 
WVL514212.078  Lincolnshire 
WVL515212.079  Lincolnshire 
XFE440222.013  Lincolnshire 
XFE441222.014  Lincolnshire 
5454FM212.011  Crosville 
5455FM212.016  Crosville 
5457FM212.017  Crosville 
5458FM212.018  Crosville 
7285FM212.062  Crosville 
7286FM212.063  Crosville 
1384R212.048  Midland General 
1385R212.049  Midland General 
1386R212.050  Midland General 
521ABLREX002  Thames Valley (South Midland) 
834CRX212.021  Thames Valley (South Midland) 
835CRX212.022  Thames Valley (South Midland) 
250FRP212.032  United Counties 
374GWN212.026  United Welsh 
375GWN212.027 YesUnited Welsh 
157SHN212.096  United Automobile 
158SHN212.097  United Automobile 
837SUO212.061 YesWestern National 
838SUO212.065  Western National 
839SUO212.066  Western National 
840SUO212.067  Western National 
841SUO212.064  Southern National 
842SUO212.070  Southern National 
393TUO212.076  Western National 
394TUO212.077  Western National 
861UAE212.001  Bristol Omnibus 
862UAE212.002  Bristol Omnibus 
863UAE212.003  Bristol Omnibus 
864UAE212.004  Bristol Omnibus 
865UAE212.005  Bristol Omnibus 
866UAE212.006  Bristol Omnibus 
867UAE212.028  Bristol Omnibus 
868UAE212.029  Bristol Omnibus 
869UAE212.030  Bristol Omnibus 
870UAE212.031  Bristol Omnibus 
101VHN212.033  United Automobile 
102VHN212.034  United Automobile 
103VHN212.035  United Automobile 
104VHN212.036  United Automobile 
105VHN212.037  United Automobile 
106VHN212.053  United Automobile 
107VHN212.054  United Automobile 
108VHN212.055  United Automobile 
109VHN212.056  United Automobile 
110VHN212.057  United Automobile 
971WAE212.059  Bristol Omnibus 
972WAE212.060  Bristol Omnibus 
973WAE212.068  Bristol Omnibus 
974WAE212.069  Bristol Omnibus 
975WAE212.082  Bristol Omnibus 
976WAE212.083  Bristol Omnibus 
977WAE212.086  Bristol Omnibus 
978WAE212.087  Bristol Omnibus 
979WAE212.090  Bristol Omnibus 
980WAE212.091  Bristol Omnibus 
13XHN222.003  United Automobile 
14XHN222.010  United Automobile 
15XHN222.011  United Automobile 
16XHN222.012  United Automobile 
917XHN222.015  United Automobile 
918XHN222.016  United Automobile 
AAH124B212.012  Eastern Counties 
AAH125B212.023  Eastern Counties 
AAH126B212.024  Eastern Counties 
ABD251B212.051  United Counties 
ABD252B212.052 YesUnited Counties 
ABD253B212.058 YesUnited Counties 
AEL6B212.074  Hants and Dorset 
AEL7B212.075  Hants and Dorset 
AFM101B212.084  Crosville 
AFM102B212.085  Crosville 
AFM103B212.092  Crosville 
AFM104B212.093  Crosville 
AFM105B222.004 YesCrosville 
AFM106B222.005  Crosville 
AFM107B222.006  Crosville 
AHN119B222.017  United Automobile 
AHN120B222.018  United Automobile 
AOO18B212.025  Tillings Transport 
ATA101B212.088  Western National 
ATA102B212.089  Western National 
ATA103B212.094  Western National 
ATA104B212.095  Western National 
ATA105B212.080  Southern National 
ATA106B212.081  Southern National 
AVX961B212.007  Eastern National 
AVX962B212.008  Eastern National 
AVX963B212.009  Eastern National 
AVX964B212.010  Eastern National 
AVX965B212.013  Eastern National 
AVX966B212.014  Eastern National 
AVX967B212.015  Eastern National 
AWR401B212.071  West Yorkshire 
AWR402B212.072  West Yorkshire 
AWR403B212.073  West Yorkshire 
AWR404B222.022  West Yorkshire 
AWR405B222.023  West Yorkshire 
AWR406B222.024  West Yorkshire 
BBD254B222.007  United Counties 
BBD255B222.008  United Counties 
BBD256B222.009  United Counties 
BBD257B222.019  United Counties 
BBD258B222.020  United Counties 
BBD259B222.021  United Counties 
BNO101B212.038  Eastern National 
BNO102B212.039  Eastern National 
BNO103B212.040  Eastern National 
BNO104B212.041  Eastern National 
BNO105B212.042  Eastern National 
BNO106B212.043  Eastern National 
BNO107B212.044  Eastern National 
BNO108B212.045  Eastern National 
OWT241EREX003  Bristol Commercial Vehicles 

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