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Details of owners of RELH/ECW coaches that existed in 1980, for a list of pictures taken in 1980 click here.

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Those shown in bold have photographs taken in 1980 available.

Owners shown in Green are preservationists, Red are dealers, Blue for PSV use and brown for None-PSV.
Registration Chassis NumberStill
Exists ?
VVL730212.019  Lincolnshire -> Laverack
VVL731212.020  Lincolnshire 
WFE415212.046  Lincolnshire 
WFE416212.047  Lincolnshire -> Laverack
WVL514212.078  Lincolnshire -> Laverack-> Unidentified Dealer
WVL515212.079  Lincolnshire 
XFE440222.013  Lincolnshire 
5454FM212.011  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
5455FM212.016  Crosville -> Bristol Omnibus-> Meynell
5457FM212.017  Crosville -> Martin
5458FM212.018  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
7285FM212.062  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
7286FM212.063  Crosville -> Benson
250FRP212.032  United Counties -> Kingsforth
374GWN212.026  North 
375GWN212.027 YesAsian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours) 
837SUO212.061 YesSherrin 
839SUO212.066  Silcox 
841SUO212.064  Axe Vale Coaches (Bailey) -> North Cornwall Cars
842SUO212.070  Silcox -> Martin-> Goodwin
393TUO212.076  Robinson 
394TUO212.077  Miller (Arun Coaches) 
861UAE212.001  Compass 
863UAE212.003  Saltmarsh -> Dotesio International
865UAE212.005  Griffiths (Battersbys Coach Hire) 
866UAE212.006  North Cornwall Cars 
867UAE212.028  Frazer Motors 
870UAE212.031  Greenhalgh (Runnymede Coaches) 
971WAE212.059  Western National -> Rundle
972WAE212.060  Western National -> Rundle
974WAE212.069  Morris 
977WAE212.086  North Cornwall Cars 
979WAE212.090  Morris 
AAH124B212.012  Eastern Counties 
AAH125B212.023  Eastern Counties 
AAH126B212.024  Eastern Counties 
ABD251B212.051  United Counties 
ABD252B212.052 YesUnited Counties 
ABD253B212.058 YesUnited Counties -> St Johns Ambulance
AFM101B212.084  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
AFM102B212.085  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
AFM103B212.092  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
AFM104B212.093  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
AFM105B222.004 YesCrosville -> Paperlace Morris Dancing Troup
AFM106B222.005  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
AFM107B222.006  Crosville -> Bristol Omnibus-> Meynell
ATA102B212.089  Sherrin 
ATA104B212.095  Robinson 
ATA105B212.080  Morris 
ATA106B212.081  Ball (Eagle) 
AVX964B212.010  Dotesio International 
AVX965B212.013  Walker -> Wright
AVX966B212.014  Axe Vale Coaches (Bailey) 
AVX967B212.015  Wright 
AWR401B212.071  West Yorkshire 
BBD254B222.007  United Counties 
BBD255B222.008  United Counties -> Kingsforth
BBD256B222.009  United Counties 
BBD257B222.019  United Counties 
BBD258B222.020  United Counties 
BBD259B222.021  United Counties 
GNG92C232.002  Eastern Counties 
GNG479C232.001  Eastern Counties 
GNG481C232.003  Eastern Counties 
CVL849D232.083  Lincolnshire 
CVL850D232.127 YesLincolnshire 
CVL851D232.128  Lincolnshire 
GPW482D232.004  Eastern Counties 
GPW883D232.011  Eastern Counties 
GPW884D232.012  Eastern Counties 
GPW885D232.013  Eastern Counties 
GPW886D232.021  Eastern Counties 
GVF887D232.022  Eastern Counties -> Bagshaw
GVF888D232.023  Eastern Counties 
GVF889D232.046  Eastern Counties 
GWO2D232.009  Morris 
GWO3D232.010  Taurus Travel -> Ensign
GWO4D232.018  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
GWO6D232.020  National Welsh 
GWO7D232.042  Morris (CK Coaches) -> Solitaire
GWO8D232.043  Ebdon 
GWO9D232.045  Ensign 
GWO11D232.101  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
HAH890D232.073  Eastern Counties 
HAH891D232.078  Eastern Counties 
HAH892D232.102  Eastern Counties 
HAH893D232.103  Eastern Counties 
HFM571D232.005  Crosville -> Martin
HFM572D232.006  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
HFM573D232.007 YesCrosville -> Gatewen Transport Training
HFM574D232.015  Crosville -> Martin
HFM575D232.016  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
HFM576D232.017  Crosville 
HFM577D232.028  Crosville -> Bristol Omnibus-> Barraclough
HFM578D232.029  Crosville -> Stafford Transport Training
HFM579D232.030  Crosville -> Bristol Omnibus-> Barraclough
HFM580D232.071  Crosville -> Martin
HDV624E238.044 YesDean 
HDV625E238.045  Ratby Engineering 
HDV642E238.046  Wright 
HDV643E238.047  Wrigley 
HDV645E238.049  6th Newtonards Scouts -> St Patrick's Gaelic Athletic Club
KCY211E238.068  South Wales 
KCY212E238.069  South Wales 
KHW310E238.084  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW311E238.085  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW312E238.086  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW313E238.087  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW314E238.088  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW315E238.089  Bristol Omnibus 
KHW316E238.092  Bristol Omnibus 
KRP264E238.038  United Counties 
KRP266E238.040  United Counties 
KRP267E238.041  United Counties 
KRP268E238.042  United Counties 
KRP269E238.043  United Counties 
KRP270E238.094  United Counties 
LJB421E238.081  Oxford-South Midland 
LJB422E238.082  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
LJB423E238.083  Lewington (Bordabus) 
NHN141E238.050  United Automobile -> Booth
NHN142E238.051  United Automobile 
NHN143E238.052  United Automobile 
NHN144E238.053  United Automobile 
NHN150E238.063  United Automobile 
NHN151E238.064  United Automobile 
NHN956E238.071  United Automobile 
NHN957E238.072  United Automobile 
NHN958E238.073  United Automobile 
NHN960E238.075  United Automobile 
NHN961E238.076  United Automobile 
OFM26E238.055  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
OFM27E238.056  Crosville -> Goodwin-> Martin
OFM28E238.057  Crosville -> Martin
OFM29E238.058  Crosville -> Martin-> Goodwin
LDV465FRELH-4-130  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV466FRELH-4-131  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV467FRELH-4-132 YesWestern National -> North
LDV468FRELH-4-133  Western National 
LDV469FRELH-4-134  Western National 
LDV470FRELH-4-135  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV471FRELH-4-136  Western National 
LDV843FRELH-4-163  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV844FRELH-4-164  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV845FRELH-4-165  Western National -> Barraclough
LDV846FRELH-4-166  Western National -> North
LDV847FRELH-4-159 YesWestern National -> North
LDV848FRELH-4-160  Western National 
LDV849FRELH-4-161  Western National -> Kinross Plant
LDV850FRELH-4-162  Western National -> Kinross Plant
NHW302FRELH-4-113  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW303FRELH-4-114  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW304FRELH-4-115  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW305FRELH-4-116  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW306FRELH-4-117  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW307FRELH-4-118  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW308FRELH-4-143  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW309FRELH-4-144  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW310FRELH-4-145  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW311FRELH-4-146  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW312FRELH-4-147  Bristol Omnibus 
NHW313FRELH-4-148  Bristol Omnibus 
OAX1FRELH-4-103  National Welsh 
OAX2FRELH-4-104  National Welsh 
OAX3FRELH-4-105  National Welsh 
OAX4FRELH-4-106  National Welsh 
OAX5FRELH-4-107  National Welsh 
OAX6FRELH-4-108  National Welsh 
OAX7FRELH-4-109  National Welsh 
OAX8FRELH-4-110  National Welsh 
OAX9FRELH-4-111 YesNational Welsh 
OAX10FRELH-4-112  National Welsh 
ORP271FRELH-4-177  United Counties 
ORP272FRELH-4-178  United Counties 
ORP273FRELH-4-179  United Counties 
ORP274FRELH-4-180  United Counties 
ORP276FRELH-4-182  United Counties 
SHN766FRELH-4-167  United Automobile 
SHN767FRELH-4-168  United Automobile 
SHN768FRELH-4-169  United Automobile 
SHN769FRELH-4-170  United Automobile 
SHN770FRELH-4-171  United Automobile 
SHN771FRELH-4-172  United Automobile -> Booth
SHN772FRELH-4-173  United Automobile 
SHN773FRELH-4-174  United Automobile 
SHN774FRELH-4-175  United Automobile 
SHN775FRELH-4-176  United Automobile 
TWW766FRELH-4-150 YesWest Yorkshire -> Archbishop Holgates Grammar School
TWX144FRELH-4-149  West Yorkshire 
TWX145FRELH-4-151  West Yorkshire 
TWX146FRELH-4-152  West Yorkshire 
TWX147FRELH-4-153  West Yorkshire 
TWX653FRELH-4-154  West Yorkshire 
UFM37FRELH-4-138  Crosville 
UFM38FRELH-4-139  Crosville 
UFM39FRELH-4-140  Crosville 
UFM40FRELH-4-141  Crosville 
UFM41FRELH-4-142  Crosville -> Martin
YHK724FRELH-4-119  Lincolnshire 
YHK725FRELH-4-120  Silver Star 
YHK726FRELH-4-126  Lincolnshire -> Harrison
YHK727FRELH-4-127  Lincolnshire 
YHK728FRELH-4-128  Lincolnshire -> Laverack
YHK729FRELH-4-129  Lincolnshire -> Crowther (Black Prince)
AFM102GRELH-4-195  Crosville 
AFM103GRELH-4-196 YesCrosville 
AFM104GRELH-4-197  Crosville 
AFM105GRELH-4-198  Crosville 
AFM106GRELH-4-218 YesCrosville 
AFM107GRELH-4-219  Crosville 
AFM108GRELH-4-220  Crosville 
AFM109GRELH-4-221  Crosville -> Martin
AFM110GRELH-4-222  Crosville 
AFM111GRELH-4-223 YesCrosville 
OTA630GRELH-4-199  Western National -> North-> Bedford-> Ward Green Grenadiers Jazz Band
OTA631GRELH-4-200  Western National -> Ensign
OTA632GRELH-4-201 YesWestern National 
OTA633GRELH-4-202  Western National -> Kinross Plant
OTA634GRELH-4-216  Western National -> Kinross Plant
OTA635GRELH-4-217  Western National 
OTA636GRELH-4-224  Western National 
OTA637GRELH-4-225  Western National 
OTA638GRELH-4-226  Western National 
OTA639GRELH-4-207  Western National -> North
OTA640GRELH-4-208 YesWestern National 
OTA642GRELH-4-210  Western National -> Ensign-> Wright-> North
OTA643GRELH-4-203  Western National 
OTA644GRELH-4-204  Western National -> Barraclough
OTA645GRELH-4-205 YesWestern National -> Watson
OTA646GRELH-4-206  Western National -> Kinross Plant
SAX1GRELH-4-184 YesNational Welsh 
SAX2GRELH-4-185  National Welsh 
SAX3GRELH-4-186  National Welsh 
SAX4GRELH-4-187  National Welsh 
SAX5GRELH-4-188  National Welsh 
SAX6GRELH-4-189  National Welsh 
SAX7GRELH-4-190  National Welsh 
SAX8GRELH-4-191  National Welsh 
SAX9GRELH-4-192  National Welsh -> Abercarn Rugby Club
SAX10GRELH-4-193  National Welsh 
SAX11GRELH-4-194  National Welsh 
SVF894GRELH-4-211  Eastern Counties 
SVF895GRELH-4-212  Eastern Counties 
SVF896GRELH-4-213 YesEastern Counties 
SVF897GRELH-4-214  Eastern Counties 
SVF898GRELH-4-215  Eastern Counties 
WHN676GRELH-4-227  United Automobile 
WHN677GRELH-4-228  United Automobile 
WHN678GRELH-4-229  United Automobile 
WHN679GRELH-4-230  United Automobile 
WHN680GRELH-4-231  United Automobile 
YWY513GRELH-4-232  West Yorkshire 
YWY514GRELH-4-234  West Yorkshire 
YYG217GRELH-4-233  West Yorkshire 
YYG218GRELH-4-235  West Yorkshire 
YYG540GRELH-4-236  West Yorkshire 
YYG541GRELH-4-237  West Yorkshire 
BHN581HRELH-4-292  United Automobile 
BHN582HRELH-4-293  United Automobile -> Booth
BHN583HRELH-4-294  United Automobile 
BHN584HRELH-4-295  United Automobile -> Booth
BHN585HRELH-4-296  United Automobile -> Booth
CWY498HRELH-4-297  West Yorkshire 
CWY499HRELH-4-298  West Yorkshire 
CWY500HRELH-4-299  West Yorkshire 
CWY501HRELH-4-300  West Yorkshire 
CWY502HRELH-4-301  West Yorkshire 
CWY503HRELH-4-302  West Yorkshire 
EFM160HRELH-4-255  Crosville 
EFM161HRELH-4-256  Crosville 
EFM162HRELH-4-257  Crosville 
EFM163HRELH-4-258 YesCrosville 
EFM164HRELH-4-259  Crosville 
GVW978HRELH-4-276  Eastern National 
GVW979HRELH-4-277  Eastern National 
GVW980HRELH-4-278  Eastern National 
GVW981HRELH-4-270  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
GVW982HRELH-4-271  Gardiners -> Weaver
GVW983HRELH-4-275  Gilmour 
RDV413HRELH-4-260  Western National -> Harrison
RDV414HRELH-4-261  Western National -> North-> Hogg
RDV415HRELH-4-262  Western National 
RDV416HRELH-4-263  Western National 
RDV417HRELH-4-264  Western National 
RDV418HRELH-4-265  Western National 
RDV419HRELH-4-266 YesWestern National 
RDV420HRELH-4-267  Western National 
RDV422HRELH-4-273  Western National -> North
RDV423HRELH-4-274 YesWestern National 
RDV424HRELH-4-279  Western National 
RDV425HRELH-4-280  Western National -> Kinross Plant
RDV426HRELH-4-281  Western National -> Kinross Plant
RDV427HRELH-4-282  Western National 
RDV428HRELH-4-283 YesWestern National 
RDV429HRELH-4-284  Western National 
RDV430HRELH-4-287  Western National 
RDV431HRELH-4-288  Western National 
RDV432HRELH-4-289  Western National 
RDV433HRELH-4-290 YesWestern National 
RDV434HRELH-4-291  Western National -> Kinross Plant

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