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Details of owners of RELH/ECW coaches that existed in 1984, for a list of pictures taken in 1984 click here.

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Those shown in bold have photographs taken in 1984 available.

Owners shown in Green are preservationists, Red are dealers, Blue for PSV use and brown for None-PSV.
Registration Chassis NumberStill
Exists ?
WVL515212.079  Lincolnshire 
7286FM212.063  Lamb 
374GWN212.026  Cortina Windows 
375GWN212.027 YesAsian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours) 
837SUO212.061 YesSherrin 
841SUO212.064  North Cornwall Cars 
394TUO212.077  Miller (Arun Coaches) 
863UAE212.003  Dotesio International 
865UAE212.005  North Cornwall Cars -> Sykes
870UAE212.031  Greenhalgh (Runnymede Coaches) -> Miller (Arun Coaches)-> Stoodley (Cavalier)
974WAE212.069  Morris -> Cleverley
979WAE212.090  Morris -> Cleverley
AAH124B212.012  Eastern Counties -> Jordan-> Ripley
AAH126B212.024  Eastern Counties -> Jordan
ABD252B212.052 YesLedger 
ABD253B212.058 YesSt Johns Ambulance 
AFM105B222.004 YesPaperlace Morris Dancing Troup 
ATA104B212.095  Robinson 
ATA105B212.080  Morris -> Sykes
AVX964B212.010  Dotesio International -> Miller (Arun Coaches)
AVX965B212.013  Askin 
AVX966B212.014  North Cornwall Cars -> Sykes
AVX967B212.015  Wright 
CVL850D232.127 YesColley 
GPW482D232.004  Eastern Counties -> Jordan-> Whiting
GPW886D232.021  Eastern Counties -> Jordan-> Whiting
GWO2D232.009  Morris -> Cleverley
GWO8D232.043  North Cornwall Cars -> Sykes-> Barraclough
GWO9D232.045  North Cornwall Cars -> Sykes
HAH891D232.078  Eastern Counties -> Jordan-> Ripley
HFM573D232.007 YesGatewen Transport Training 
HDV624E238.044 YesDean 
HDV642E238.046  Wright 
HDV643E238.047  Monton Judo Club -> Lower Kensall Collanades MT
HDV645E238.049  St Patrick's Gaelic Athletic Club 
KCY211E238.068  South Wales -> Ripley
KCY212E238.069  South Wales -> Ripley
KHW316E238.092  Autojade (Exeline Travel) 
LJB421E238.081  Oxford-South Midland 
LJB422E238.082  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
LJB423E238.083  Lewington (Bordabus) 
LDV467FRELH-4-132 YesThompson 
LDV469FRELH-4-134  Western National 
LDV847FRELH-4-159 YesAsian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours) -> Smith (Norfolk Bluebird)
NHW308FRELH-4-143  Cheltenham and Gloucester Omnibus -> PVS
NHW312FRELH-4-147  Cheltenham and Gloucester Omnibus -> PVS
OAX6FRELH-4-108  Annetts -> Thomas
OAX7FRELH-4-109  National Welsh -> PVS
OAX9FRELH-4-111 YesAnnetts 
OAX10FRELH-4-112  National Welsh -> Annetts-> Wigley
ORP271FRELH-4-177  United Counties -> Ripley
ORP273FRELH-4-179  United Counties 
ORP274FRELH-4-180  United Counties -> Ripley
ORP276FRELH-4-182  United Counties -> Ripley
SHN766FRELH-4-167  United Automobile 
SHN767FRELH-4-168  United Automobile 
SHN769FRELH-4-170  United Automobile 
SHN772FRELH-4-173  United Automobile 
SHN773FRELH-4-174  United Automobile 
SHN774FRELH-4-175  United Automobile 
TWW766FRELH-4-150 YesArchbishop Holgates Grammar School 
UFM37FRELH-4-138  South Wales -> Ripley
UFM39FRELH-4-140  South Wales 
YHK725FRELH-4-120  Silver Star 
YHK726FRELH-4-126  Harrison -> Ripley
YHK729FRELH-4-129  Sykes -> Eynon-> West Wales
AFM103GRELH-4-196 YesColbury Foxhills County High School 
AFM106GRELH-4-218 YesCrosville 
AFM111GRELH-4-223 YesCrosville 
OTA632GRELH-4-201 YesNorth Worcestershire Road Cars 
OTA636GRELH-4-224  North Worcestershire Road Cars 
OTA640GRELH-4-208 YesWoodlands School 
OTA645GRELH-4-205 YesDean 
SAX1GRELH-4-184 YesNational Welsh -> France
SAX3GRELH-4-186  National Welsh -> Annetts-> Maypole Garage
SAX4GRELH-4-187  Way and Williams 
SAX6GRELH-4-189  Ross on Wye Round Table -> Hereford and Worcester County Council
SAX9GRELH-4-192  Abercarn Rugby Club 
SAX11GRELH-4-194  National Welsh -> PVS
SVF895GRELH-4-212  Eastern Counties -> Jordan
SVF896GRELH-4-213 YesCarter 
WHN677GRELH-4-228  United Automobile 
WHN678GRELH-4-229  United Automobile 
EFM162HRELH-4-257  Crosville 
EFM163HRELH-4-258 YesCrosville -> Bate
GVW978HRELH-4-276  Mount Pleasant Tornadoes Jazz Band 
GVW979HRELH-4-277  Gwent After Care Probationary service 
GVW981HRELH-4-270  Dack (Rosemary Coaches) 
GVW983HRELH-4-275  Gilmour -> Miller (Arun Coaches)
RDV413HRELH-4-260  Harrison 
RDV414HRELH-4-261  Hogg 
RDV419HRELH-4-266 YesSouthern National (1983) 
RDV420HRELH-4-267  Western National (1983) -> Wheal Briton Coaches (Palmer)
RDV423HRELH-4-274 YesWestern National (1983) -> Thornton
RDV424HRELH-4-279  Western National (1983) -> Walford
RDV427HRELH-4-282  Western National 
RDV428HRELH-4-283 YesGreen 
RDV430HRELH-4-287  Harrison 
RDV431HRELH-4-288  Western National (1983) 
RDV432HRELH-4-289  Western National (1983) -> Amalgamated Passenger Transport
RDV433HRELH-4-290 YesBridge Cross Garages (Linley) 

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