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Owner details for Asian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours)

 Asian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours) of Windsor used these coaches for PSV operation. Operated old coaches on overland tours to Kathmandu. Surprisingly, given this treatment, most of the RELHs used have survived into preservation!

Asian Greyhound Ltd. (Swagman Overland Tours) Bristol RELH/ECW coach 375GWN
Photo copyright: Clifford Essex 

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   LiveryRegistration Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 White/Black 375GWN 30 Mar 1977 Amsterdam, Holland Frans Angevaare Click Here 
   Lettered for 'Tent Tours' 
375GWN Dec 1978 Oxford Steve Annells Click Here 
   Lettered for 'Tent Tours' 
375GWN Sep 1980  Clifford Essex Click here for photograph of 375GWN 
 White/Black 375GWN  Windsor India Overland Click Here 
   'Abbey Tours' 
375GWN Jun 1983 Ascot Steve Guess Click Here 
   Lettered for 'Tent Tours' 
838SUO  Blackpool beckingtonian Click Here 
   Lettered for 'Tent Tours' 
838SUO May 1980 London Steve Guess Click Here 
 White/Green LDV847F   Rob Sly's site Click Here 

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Registration NumberDate InDate Out
375GWN By Mar 1977 Mar 1985 Vehicle still in existence
838SUO Nov 1979 1 Oct 1982  
870UAE Jan 1977 Aug 1977  
LDV847F Nov 1982 Sep 1984 Vehicle still in existence

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