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Details of photographs of RELH/ECW coaches taken in 1974.
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All links to photos shown below are to other Internet sites, all photos will be the copyright of their respective owners.
Where no copyright details are shown the photo is known to exist, but is not freely available.
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** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 5455FM Crosville CRG494 1974 Liverpool bkp550 Click Here 
 5455FM Crosville CRG494 17 Feb 1974 Liverpool Garry Brookes Click Here 
 5457FM Crosville CRG495 28 Dec 1974 Manchester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 1386R Midland General 132 1974  21c101 Click Here 
 521ABL Oxford-South Midland 3 Aug 1974  Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 521ABL Sykes 
   At Paul Sykes Yard 
8 Sep 1974 Barnsley oldbusman Click Here 
 863UAE Western National 2303 2 Jun 1974  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of 863UAE 
 101VHN United Automobile 1201 25 May 1974 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 974WAE Western National 2307 14 Sep 1974 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
**976WAE Western National 2308 Aug 1974  Book-PSV Circle Fleet History   
**978WAE Bristol Omnibus 2132 Mar 1974 Bristol Book-The Green Years  Buy Book 
**980WAE Bristol Omnibus 2134 1974 Reading Previously listed on eBay   
 AEL7B Hants and Dorset 1052 1974 Southampton southlancs Click Here 
 AOO18B Eastern National 1613 15 Jun 1974 Dartford Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 AVX962B Eastern National 1612
   Rear View 
15 Jun 1974 Grays Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
**AVX966B National Travel South East 9405
   Mascot National fleetnames 
Jul 1974 Dover Book-NBC Early Years  Buy Book 
 CVL848D Lincolnshire 1284 Sep 1974 Sheffield SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**GWO6D Red and White RC666 1974 Liverpool Book-NBC Early Years  Buy Book 
 HFM574D Crosville CRG574 21 Aug 1974 Worcester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM578D Crosville CRG578 1974 Llanidloes Bob J B Click Here 
 JHN29D United Automobile 1229 1974 Edinburgh Georgeupstairs Click Here 
 HDV624E Western National 2365 15 Jun 1974 London Mike Street Click Here 
 HDV643E Western National 2368 1 May 1974 Portsmouth Paul Webber Click Here 
 LJB421E Oxford-South Midland 21 30 Jun 1974 Oxford Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
**LJB422E Oxford-South Midland 22 1974 Oxford John Law Click Here 
 LJB422E Oxford-South Midland 22 1974  21c101 Click Here 
 NHW302F Bristol Omnibus 2048 Jul 1974 Shepperdine David Flett Click Here 
 OAX4F Jones RC468 13 Apr 1974 Llandudno Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 ORP273F United Counties 273 27 Aug 1974 London Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274 Jun 1974 London rossendalian2013 Click Here 
 TWX653F West Yorkshire 1023 15 Jun 1974 London Mike Street Click Here 
**UFM38F Crosville CRG38 Jul 1974 Nottingham Book-Prestige Crosville  Buy Book 
**UFM40F Crosville CRG40 Jan 1974  Book-Crosville Fleet List 1974   
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 1974 Llandudno Richard Diment Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
 AFM108G Crosville CRG108 10 Aug 1974 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 OTA641G Western National 2381 May 1974 Weymouth Book-Classic Bus magazine   
 OTA645G Western National 2385 1 May 1974 Portsmouth Paul Webber Click Here 
     Paul Webber Click Here 
 SAX11G Red and White RC1169 18 Jul 1974 Birmingham bkp550 Click Here 
 WHN676G United Automobile 1276 May 1974 Ilkeston berisfordjones Click Here 
 CWY498H West Yorkshire 1031 15 Jun 1974 London Mike Street Click Here 

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