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RELH/ECW coaches allocated to Cheltenham

Details of Bristol RELH/ECW vehicles allocated to Cheltenham garage. The list below will be incomplete as I do not have full details of allocations (Other than for Bristol Omnibus).
If you're actually looking for coach travel from Cheltenham then click here for the National Express website.
For details of public transport from Cheltenham, try this site.

Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Build Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration Chassis NumberOwner Number Start Finish
1 piece coach destination with Coach type door.
865UAE212.005 Bristol Omnibus  Oct 1964 May 1966  
 212.005 Bristol Omnibus  Jan 1969 Feb 1970  
974WAE212.069 Bristol Omnibus  Oct 1965 Jan 1967  
975WAE212.082 Bristol Omnibus  Nov 1969 May 1970  
978WAE212.087 Bristol Omnibus  Oct 1968 May 1970  
979WAE212.090 Bristol Omnibus  Jan 1968 May 1970  
2 piece coach destination with Coach type door.
GWO4D232.018 Red and White  Feb 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO5D232.019 Red and White  Feb 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO6D232.020 Red and White  Feb 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO7D232.042 Red and White  Mar 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO8D232.043 Red and White  Mar 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO9D232.045 Red and White  Mar 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO10D232.079 Red and White  Mar 1966 Jan 1974  
GWO11D232.101 Red and White  Mar 1966 Jan 1974  
T piece destination with Bus type door.
KHW311E238.085 Bristol Omnibus  Jun 1967 Oct 1967  
NHW304FRELH-4-115 Bristol Omnibus  Apr 1968 Jan 1970  
NHW306FRELH-4-117 Bristol Omnibus  Apr 1968 Sep 1969  

List of fleet by year

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