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NBC Red/White DP

NBC 'Local coach' dual purpose livery, Red version
  National Welsh Bristol RELH/ECW coach OAX2F
Photo copyright: Carl Berry 

Details of the above livery, as applied to Bristol RELH/ECW coaches.

The list below only includes pictures taken when the vehicles were in service, to include pictures of preserved vehicles as well click here.

Photos on the Internet

All links to photos shown below are to other Internet sites, all photos will be the copyright of their respective owners.
There may be other photos on the Internet that I cannot show the links for. See 'Useful sites for finding pictures' on the links page.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 SAX9G Abercarn Rugby Club   Shrewsbury viceroy44 Click Here 
 SAX9G Abercarn Rugby Club  Jan 1981 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 102VHN Booth 
   At CF Booth scrapyard, carrying number 1202 
2 Jul 1977 Carlton Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 CWY500H Booth 
   At CF Booth scrapyard 
14 Mar 1981 Aston Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 HHN723D Booth 
   At CF Booth scrapyard 
23 Jun 1979 Aston Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 SHN771F Booth 
   At CF Booth scrapyard 
8 Mar 1980 Rotherham Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 AEL6B Hants and Dorset 1051  Bournemouth Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 AEL7B Hants and Dorset 1052  Bournemouth Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 AEL7B Hants and Dorset 1052 1974 Southampton southlancs Click Here 
 1385R Midland General 266   southlancs Click Here 
 OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 1980 Coventry Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 Apr 1981 Usk the bus gallery Click Here 
 OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 Mar 1982 Cinderford Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 17 Aug 1982 Gloucester Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 OAX10F National Welsh RD1338 Dec 1983 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX10F National Welsh RD1338 24 May 1984 Bridgend Peter Horrex Click Here 
 OAX1F National Welsh RD5768  Newport Robert Chappell Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868   Tolcarne Depot Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868  Weymouth sn2730 Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868   Sou'wester Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868  London Nigel Frampton Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868  Cardiff Stephen Day Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868 1980 Taunton pwgb Click Here 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868 6 Sep 1980 Weymouth Carl Berry Click here for photograph of OAX2F 
 OAX2F National Welsh RD5868 1 Sep 1981 Penderyn Carl Berry Click here for photograph of OAX2F 
 OAX3F National Welsh RD5968  Cardiff southlancs Click Here 
 OAX3F National Welsh RD5968 1980 Aberdare John Law Click Here 
 OAX3F National Welsh RD5968 15 Mar 1980 Cardiff Ian Kirby Click Here 
 OAX4F National Welsh RD6068 15 Sep 1979 London Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 OAX4F National Welsh RD6068 1980 Cardiff Martyn Hearson Click Here 
 OAX4F National Welsh RD6068  Cwmbran southlancs Click Here 
 OAX4F National Welsh RD6068 Nov 1981 Cwmbran Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX4F National Welsh RD1332 Nov 1982 Pontypridd Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX5F National Welsh RD6168   Ian Trotter Click Here 
 OAX5F National Welsh RD6168 Jun 1980 Brynmawr Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX5F National Welsh RD6168 Apr 1981 Bristol pwgb Click Here 
 OAX5F National Welsh RD6168 13 Feb 1982 Cardiff Ian Kirby Click Here 
 OAX5F National Welsh RD6168 Dec 1982 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX5F National Welsh RD1333 Jan 1983 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX5F National Welsh RD1333  Pontypridd southlancs Click Here 
 OAX6F National Welsh RD6268 Apr 1979 Newport Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX6F National Welsh RD6268 7 Feb 1981 Monmouth Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RD6368   geoffsimages Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RD6368 Aug 1980 Taunton pwgb Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RD6368 24 Jun 1981 Swansea Michael Thorne Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RD6368 5 Jul 1981 Chepstow Moving Britain Click Here 
 OAX8F National Welsh RD6468 3 May 1980 Bristol we1330 Click Here 
 OAX8F National Welsh RD6468 24 May 1980 Bristol we1330 Click Here 
 OAX8F National Welsh RD6468 30 Jul 1980 Longleat Carl Berry Click here for photograph of OAX8F 
 OAX8F National Welsh RD1336 25 Jun 1983 Merthyr Tydfil Steve Guess Click Here 
 OAX8F National Welsh 1336 24 Jun 1984 Cardiff SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 OAX9F National Welsh RD6568  Newport Ian Trotter Click Here 
 OAX9F National Welsh RD6568 Apr 1981 Brynmawr Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX9F National Welsh RD1337
   Gwent Vales names 
26 Feb 1983 Tredegar Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 SAX10G National Welsh RD5469 Nov 1981 Cwmbran Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX10G National Welsh RD1346 Aug 1983 Cardiff Ian Kirby Click Here 
 SAX10G National Welsh RD1346 10 Aug 1983 Newport Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 SAX11G National Welsh RD1347   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX11G National Welsh RD1347 Sep 1983 Cinderford Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX1G National Welsh RD4569   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD4569  Swansea Ian Trotter Click Here 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD4569  Cardiff southlancs Click Here 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD4569 1981 Cardiff southlancs Click Here 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD4569 1981 Swansea Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX1G National Welsh RD1339 29 Oct 1983 Merthyr Tydfil Carl Berry Click here for photograph of SAX1G 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD1339  Pontypridd Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX1G National Welsh RD1339  Storey Arms Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX2G National Welsh RD4669 1981 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX3G National Welsh RD4769 10 May 1980 Bristol we1330 Click Here 
 SAX3G National Welsh RD1341  Cwmbran Ian Kirby Click Here 
 SAX3G National Welsh RD1341  Cardiff Ian Trotter Click Here 
 SAX3G National Welsh RD1341 10 Aug 1983 Cardiff Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 SAX3G National Welsh RD1341 Feb 1984 Monmouth southlancs Click Here 
 SAX4G National Welsh RD4869 Dec 1980 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX5G National Welsh RD4969 Apr 1979 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX5G National Welsh RD4969   ijr65 Click Here 
 SAX5G National Welsh RD4969  Bridgend Ian Trotter Click Here 
 SAX5G National Welsh RD4969 Dec 1980 Bridgend Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX5G National Welsh RD1342  Cardiff Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX5G National Welsh RD1342 Aug 1983 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX6G National Welsh RD5069 21 Jul 1979 Bristol we1330 Click Here 
 SAX6G National Welsh RD1343  Porth Sou'wester Click Here 
 SAX6G National Welsh RD1343  Swansea Woolfie Hills Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RC5169  Taunton pwgb Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD5169  Newport Ian Trotter Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD5169 1980 Taunton pwgb Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD5169 1980 Cardiff Martyn Hearson Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD5169  Chepstow Sou'wester Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD5169 15 Dec 1981 Cardiff Ian Kirby Click Here 
 SAX7G National Welsh RD1344
   Rear View 
10 Aug 1983 Chepstow Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 SAX8G National Welsh RD5269  Heathrow AEC Regent Click Here 
 SAX8G National Welsh RD5269  Cardiff southlancs Click Here 
 SAX8G National Welsh RD1345 Jan 1983 Pontypridd Previously listed on eBay   
 835CRX Oxford-South Midland 5 1976 Drayton Steve Annells Click Here 
 LJB421E Oxford-South Midland 21 30 Jun 1974 Oxford Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 LJB421E Oxford-South Midland 21 5 Jun 1975 London Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 LJB423E Oxford-South Midland 23 14 Jul 1977 London Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 GWO10D Red and White RD8066   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 GWO11D Red and White RD8166  Tredegar Bus Preservation Click Here 
 OAX3F Red and White RD5968 Jan 1977 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX8F Red and White RD6468 Feb 1978 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 KCY211E South Wales 165 Jul 1977 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 KCY212E South Wales 166   southlancs Click Here 
 KCY212E South Wales 166  Bristol unitedwelsh Click Here 
 KCY212E South Wales 166  Cardiff Ian Trotter Click Here 
 1385R Trent 266 Aug 1977 Nottingham Lady Wulfrun Click here for photograph of 1385R 
 101VHN United Automobile 1201   Previously listed on eBay   
 101VHN United Automobile 1201 25 May 1974 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 104VHN United Automobile 6104 May 1978 Scarborough Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 105VHN United Automobile 1205   Peter Horrex Click Here 
 106VHN United Automobile 6106   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 107VHN United Automobile 1207   ijr65 Click Here 
 108VHN United Automobile 1208   Previously listed on eBay   
 109VHN United Automobile 6109 Jul 1978 Kirk Yetholm Dave A Flett Click Here 
 110VHN United Automobile 6110 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 13XHN United Automobile 6113   southlancs Click Here 
 13XHN United Automobile 6113 8 Jan 1977 Darlington Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
     Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 14XHN United Automobile 6114   Previously listed on eBay   
 157SHN United Automobile 6111   the bus gallery Click Here 
 157SHN United Automobile 6111 2 Jul 1976 Glasgow SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 157SHN United Automobile 6111 Dec 1977 Glasgow Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 158SHN United Automobile 1212   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 15XHN United Automobile 6115 Dec 1975 Richmond SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 917XHN United Automobile 6117 1977 Bishop Auckland John Law Click Here 
 AHN120B United Automobile 1220   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 AHN120B United Automobile 6120   Previously listed on eBay   
 BHN581H United Automobile 6145   ijr65 Click Here 
 BHN581H United Automobile 6145 1980 Newcastle upon Tyne Jeremy Chapter Click Here 
 BHN582H United Automobile 6146   southlancs Click Here 
 BHN582H United Automobile 6146 Aug 1979 Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Guess Click Here 
 BHN584H United Automobile 6148  Newcastle upon Tyne lowdekka Click Here 
 BHN585H United Automobile 6149  Middlesbrough Woods Library Click Here 
 HHN723D United Automobile 6123 Jun 1978 Redcar Previously listed on eBay   
 HHN725D United Automobile 6125   Previously listed on eBay   
 JHN27D United Automobile 6127 31 Dec 1977 York Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 SHN769F United Automobile 6133   southlancs Click Here 
 SHN772F United Automobile 6136   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 SHN773F United Automobile 6137   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of SHN773F 
 WHN678G United Automobile 6142 28 Jun 1979 Edinburgh Fray Bentos Click Here 
 WHN678G United Automobile 6142 Aug 1979 Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Guess Click Here 
 WHN680G United Automobile 6144  Glasgow Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 RDV420H Western National 1469   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of RDV420H 
 RDV420H Western National 1469 25 Jul 1978 Weymouth Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 RDV420H Western National 1469 Apr 1980 Newton Abbot ricardo4eyes Click Here 
 AWR401B West Yorkshire 1001
  southlancs Click Here 
 AWR401B West Yorkshire 1001
1978 Leeds Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 AWR401B West Yorkshire 1001
14 Jan 1978 Leeds Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 AWR402B West Yorkshire 1002   Previously listed on eBay   
 AWR405B West Yorkshire 2503  York Colin Oakley Click here for photograph of AWR405B 
 AWR406B West Yorkshire 1006   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY498H West Yorkshire 2519 Nov 1980 Bradford bingboy1 Click Here 
     bingboy1 Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 2520  Bradford Sou'wester Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 2520  Bradford Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 2520   southlancs Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 2520 1981 Bradford John Law Click Here 
 CWY500H West Yorkshire 2521  Keswick southlancs Click Here 
 CWY500H West Yorkshire 2521  Ambleside Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
 CWY500H West Yorkshire 2521   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY500H West Yorkshire 2521 Nov 1980 Hammerton St garage bingboy1 Click Here 
 CWY503H West Yorkshire 2524   creweboy Click Here 
 LWT825D West Yorkshire 1008   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 LWW790D West Yorkshire 1009 21 Apr 1973 Gloucester Alan Snatt Click Here 
 TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWX144F West Yorkshire 2507  Leeds Previously listed on eBay   
 YWY513G West Yorkshire 1024
Feb 1980 Southwaite Slideshow Dave Click Here 
 YWY513G West Yorkshire 2513
Jul 1981 Morecambe bingboy1 Click Here 
 YWY513G West Yorkshire 2513
   Rebuilt, after withdrawl 
  Sou'wester Click Here 
 YWY514G West Yorkshire 2515
19 Aug 1978 Blackpool bkp550 Click Here 
 YWY514G West Yorkshire 2515
5 Jul 1979 Bridlington gmptemetropolitan Click Here 
 YWY514G West Yorkshire 2515
28 Aug 1981 Bridlington Carl Berry Click here for photograph of YWY514G 
 YYG218G West Yorkshire 2516  Leeds Sou'wester Click Here 
 YYG218G West Yorkshire 2516
 Blackpool Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG218G West Yorkshire 2516
 Leeds southlancs Click Here 
 YYG540G West Yorkshire 2517
 Leeds Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG540G West Yorkshire 2517
 Leeds southlancs Click Here 
 YYG540G West Yorkshire 2517
 Blackpool Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG540G West Yorkshire 2517
1980 Leeds John Law Click Here 
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 2518
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 2518
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 2518
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 2518
 Keswick Richard Stubbings Click Here 
**AEL7B Hants and Dorset 1052   Raymond Smith Click Here 
**OAX10F National Welsh RD6668  Cardiff Bus Preservation Click Here 
**OAX8F National Welsh RD6468 Oct 1980 Merthyr Tydfil Robert Chappell Click Here 
**SAX1G National Welsh RD1339 6 Jul 1983 Aberaman SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**SAX3G National Welsh RD1341 Apr 1984 Hereford Ian Kirby Click Here 
**SAX6G National Welsh RD5069  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**SAX7G National Welsh RD5169 28 Mar 1981 Chepstow Carl Berry Click here for photograph of SAX7G 
**OAX3F Red and White RD5968 19 Mar 1977 Cardiff SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**KCY211E South Wales 165 13 Aug 1977 Swansea Fray Bentos Click Here 
**KCY212E South Wales 166  Llanelli John Law Click Here 
**110VHN United Automobile 6110 21 Jan 1978 Newcastle upon Tyne antrimfj Click Here 
**BHN582H United Automobile 6146   Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
**BHN584H United Automobile 6148  Carlisle Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
**HHN724D United Automobile 6124 1977 Bishop Auckland John Law Click Here 
**WHN677G United Automobile 6141   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**AWR401B West Yorkshire 2501
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**AWR401B West Yorkshire 1001
  Previously listed on eBay   
**CWY500H West Yorkshire 2521   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of CWY500H 
**CWY501H West Yorkshire 2522   Previously listed on eBay   
**CWY502H West Yorkshire 2523   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**LWT369D West Yorkshire 2502   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**YWY514G West Yorkshire 2515
Aug 1978 Leeds SCT'61 Website Click Here 
**YYG540G West Yorkshire 2517
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 

Photo in books/magazines

For pictures in books click on the copyright link for more information.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Book link
 OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 22 Nov 1980 Usk Book-David Beilby   
 SAX6G National Welsh RD5069   Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 835CRX Oxford-South Midland 5  Oxford Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 103VHN United Automobile 6103  Filey Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 WHN676G United Automobile 6140 Jun 1979 Durham Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 TWW766F West Yorkshire 2508 Aug 1979 Goathland Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 YYG217G West Yorkshire 1025
21 May 1978 Skipton Book-Heyday of the Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**OAX10F National Welsh RD6668 May 1980  Book-PSV Circle Fleet History   
**SAX11G National Welsh RD5569 Dec 1981 Ross on Wye Book-Fleetbook 9   
**SAX1G National Welsh RD1339  Cardiff Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**SAX7G National Welsh RD5169 7 Feb 1981 Chepstow Book-Tribute to NBC  Buy Book 
**WHN679G United Automobile 6143  Bishop Auckland Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**AWR401B West Yorkshire 2501   Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
**AWR401B West Yorkshire 2501
Nov 1979 Leeds Book-Fleetbook 3   
**TWX146F West Yorkshire 2510 Jul 1979 Blackpool Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**YWY513G West Yorkshire 1024
  Book-Bus Monographs 5  Buy Book 
**YWY513G West Yorkshire 2513
Jul 1979  Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**YWY513G West Yorkshire 2513
Jul 1979 Blackpool Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**YWY514G West Yorkshire 2515
28 Aug 1981 Harrogate Book-Tribute to NBC  Buy Book 
**YYG217G West Yorkshire 2514
28 Aug 1981 Harrogate Book-Tribute to NBC  Buy Book 
**YYG541G West Yorkshire 2518
 Bridlington Book-Buses Extra Magazine   

RELH/ECW coaches that have carried this livery

The list below only covers those that were delivered in this livery, or that I know have carried this livery. There are likely to have been others as well.

Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Build Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration Chassis NumberOriginal Owner Number BuiltScrapped
1385R212.049 Midland General 31 May 1964 Dec 1977 
835CRX212.022 Thames Valley (South Midland) C405 Feb 1964 Apr 1977 
157SHN212.096 United Automobile BRC11 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
158SHN212.097 United Automobile BRC12 Jul 1964 Feb 1977 
101VHN212.033 United Automobile BRC1 Jan 1964 Feb 1977 
102VHN212.034 United Automobile BRC2 Jan 1964 2 Jul 1977 
103VHN212.035 United Automobile BRC3 Jan 1964 Aug 1978 
104VHN212.036 United Automobile BRC4 Jan 1964 Dec 1978 
105VHN212.037 United Automobile BRC5 Feb 1964 Feb 1978 
106VHN212.053 United Automobile BRC6 Apr 1964 Jun 1977 
107VHN212.054 United Automobile BRC7 Apr 1964 Dec 1978 
108VHN212.055 United Automobile BRC8 Apr 1964 Jan 1978 
109VHN212.056 United Automobile BRC9 Apr 1964 Dec 1978 
110VHN212.057 United Automobile BRC10 Apr 1964 Aug 1978 
13XHN222.003 United Automobile BRC13 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
14XHN222.010 United Automobile BRC14 Jul 1964 Apr 1977 
15XHN222.011 United Automobile BRC15 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
16XHN222.012 United Automobile BRC16 Jul 1964 Jun 1977 
917XHN222.015 United Automobile BRC17 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
AEL6B212.074 Hants and Dorset 898 May 1964 25 Jul 1976 
AEL7B212.075 Hants and Dorset 899 Jun 1964 25 Jul 1976 
AHN119B222.017 United Automobile BRC19 Sep 1964 Dec 1978 
AHN120B222.018 United Automobile BRC20 Sep 1964 Jul 1978 
AWR401B212.071 West Yorkshire ERG1 May 1964 Aug 1981 
AWR402B212.072 West Yorkshire ERG2 May 1964 Jun 1976 
AWR405B222.023 West Yorkshire ERG5 Oct 1964 Sep 1979 
AWR406B222.024 West Yorkshire ERG6 Oct 1964 Jun 1976 
GWO4D232.018 Red and White RC466 Feb 1966 28 May 1982 
GWO8D232.043 Red and White RC866 Mar 1966 May 1984 
GWO10D232.079 Red and White RC1066 Mar 1966 Nov 1979 
GWO11D232.101 Red and White RC1166 Mar 1966 18 Jul 1982 
HHN722D232.105 United Automobile RE22 Apr 1966 Feb 1978 
HHN723D232.106 United Automobile RE23 Apr 1966 23 Jun 1979 
HHN724D232.107 United Automobile RE24 Apr 1966 Jul 1978 
HHN725D232.111 United Automobile RE25 Apr 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN27D232.113 United Automobile RE27 Apr 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN29D232.115 United Automobile RE29 May 1966 Nov 1978 
JHN30D232.116 United Automobile RE30 May 1966 Dec 1978 
LWT369D232.108 West Yorkshire ERG7 May 1966 Jun 1979 
LWT825D232.109 West Yorkshire ERG8 May 1966 Sep 1978 
LWW790D232.110 West Yorkshire ERG9 May 1966 Dec 1978 
KCY211E238.068 United Welsh 53 Mar 1967 Jun 1984 
KCY212E238.069 United Welsh 54 Mar 1967 Jun 1984 
LJB421E238.081 Thames Valley (South Midland) 421 May 1967 Dec 1996 
LJB423E238.083 Thames Valley (South Midland) 423 May 1967 Dec 1989 
PWR858E238.078 West Yorkshire CRG2 May 1967 Sep 1979 
PWR859E238.079 West Yorkshire CRG3 May 1967 Jun 1979 
PWR860E238.080 West Yorkshire CRG4 May 1967 Sep 1979 
OAX1FRELH-4-103 Red and White RC168 Jan 1968 14 Mar 1983 
OAX2FRELH-4-104 Red and White RC268 Mar 1968 23 Apr 1983 
OAX3FRELH-4-105 Red and White RC368 Feb 1968 Mar 1983 
OAX4FRELH-4-106 Red and White RC468 Feb 1968 Sep 1983 
OAX5FRELH-4-107 Red and White RC568 Mar 1968 14 Nov 1983 
OAX6FRELH-4-108 Red and White RC668 Feb 1968 Apr 1984 
OAX7FRELH-4-109 Red and White RC768 Feb 1968 5 May 1984 
OAX8FRELH-4-110 Red and White RC868 Mar 1968 24 Jun 1984 
OAX9FRELH-4-111 Red and White RC968 22 Sep 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
OAX10FRELH-4-112 Red and White RC1068 Mar 1968 8 Sep 1984 
SHN766FRELH-4-167 United Automobile RE66 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN767FRELH-4-168 United Automobile RE67 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN768FRELH-4-169 United Automobile RE68 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN769FRELH-4-170 United Automobile RE69 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN770FRELH-4-171 United Automobile RE70 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN771FRELH-4-172 United Automobile RE71 May 1968 8 Mar 1980 
SHN772FRELH-4-173 United Automobile RE72 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN773FRELH-4-174 United Automobile RE73 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN774FRELH-4-175 United Automobile RE74 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN775FRELH-4-176 United Automobile RE75 May 1968 Sep 1980 
TWW766FRELH-4-150 West Yorkshire CRG6 Jan 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
TWX144FRELH-4-149 West Yorkshire CRG5 Mar 1968 Feb 1980 
TWX145FRELH-4-151 West Yorkshire CRG7 Mar 1968 Feb 1980 
TWX146FRELH-4-152 West Yorkshire CRG8 Mar 1968 Mar 1980 
TWX147FRELH-4-153 West Yorkshire CRG9 Mar 1968 Apr 1980 
TWX653FRELH-4-154 West Yorkshire CRG10 Mar 1968 Apr 1980 
SAX1GRELH-4-184 Red and White RC169 Nov 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
SAX2GRELH-4-185 Red and White RC269 Nov 1968 16 Mar 1983 
SAX3GRELH-4-186 Red and White RC369 Nov 1968 Apr 1994 
SAX4GRELH-4-187 Red and White RC469 Dec 1968 Dec 1989 
SAX5GRELH-4-188 Red and White RC569 Dec 1968 24 Nov 1983 
SAX6GRELH-4-189 Red and White RC669 Dec 1968 8 Dec 1987 
SAX7GRELH-4-190 Red and White RC769 Jan 1969 Nov 1983 
SAX8GRELH-4-191 Red and White RC869 Dec 1968 7 Oct 1983 
SAX9GRELH-4-192 Red and White RC969 Jan 1969 Jul 1993 
SAX10GRELH-4-193 Red and White RC1069 Jan 1969 Sep 1983 
SAX11GRELH-4-194 Red and White RC1169 Jan 1969 24 Apr 1984 
WHN676GRELH-4-227 United Automobile 1276 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN677GRELH-4-228 United Automobile 1277 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN678GRELH-4-229 United Automobile 1278 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN679GRELH-4-230 United Automobile 1279 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN680GRELH-4-231 United Automobile 1280 May 1969 Sep 1980 
YWY513GRELH-4-232 West Yorkshire CRG11 May 1969 May 1982 
YWY514GRELH-4-234 West Yorkshire CRG13 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG217GRELH-4-233 West Yorkshire CRG12 May 1969 Nov 1981 
YYG218GRELH-4-235 West Yorkshire CRG14 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG540GRELH-4-236 West Yorkshire CRG15 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG541GRELH-4-237 West Yorkshire CRG16 May 1969 May 1982 
BHN581HRELH-4-292 United Automobile 1281 May 1970 Dec 1980 
BHN582HRELH-4-293 United Automobile 1282 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN583HRELH-4-294 United Automobile 1283 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN584HRELH-4-295 United Automobile 1284 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN585HRELH-4-296 United Automobile 1285 May 1970 Sep 1980 
CWY498HRELH-4-297 West Yorkshire CRL1 May 1970 Dec 1981 
CWY499HRELH-4-298 West Yorkshire CRL2 1 May 1970 1 Jun 1983 
CWY500HRELH-4-299 West Yorkshire CRL3 May 1970 14 Mar 1981 
CWY501HRELH-4-300 West Yorkshire CRL4 May 1970 Dec 1980 
CWY502HRELH-4-301 West Yorkshire CRL5 May 1970 Dec 1981 
CWY503HRELH-4-302 West Yorkshire CRL6 May 1970 Aug 1981 
RDV420HRELH-4-267 Western National 1469 Mar 1970 Oct 1987 

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