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United Cream/Olive Green coach

Tilling style Cream/Olive Green coach livery

A model in this livery was produced by EFE (number 32201), details from or Buy it on ebay.
  United Automobile Bristol RELH/ECW coach NHN144E
Photo copyright: Carl Berry 

Details of the above livery, as applied to Bristol RELH/ECW coaches.

The list below only includes pictures taken when the vehicles were in service, to include pictures of preserved vehicles as well click here.

Photos on the Internet

All links to photos shown below are to other Internet sites, all photos will be the copyright of their respective owners.
There may be other photos on the Internet that I cannot show the links for. See 'Useful sites for finding pictures' on the links page.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 102VHN United Automobile 1202   Previously listed on eBay   
 104VHN United Automobile 1204   bkp550 Click Here 
 104VHN United Automobile 1204 Aug 1971 Guisborough SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 105VHN United Automobile BRC5   southlancs Click Here 
 110VHN United Automobile 1210 Aug 1971 Guisborough SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 13XHN United Automobile 1213   ijr65 Click Here 
 14XHN United Automobile 1214   1431Andy Click Here 
 15XHN United Automobile 1215   1431Andy Click Here 
 16XHN United Automobile RE16 Jul 1968 Bishop Auckland SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 917XHN United Automobile 1217 Oct 1972 Darlington SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 BHN582H United Automobile 1282 26 May 1973 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 HHN722D United Automobile 1222   1431Andy Click Here 
 HHN723D United Automobile 1223 13 Apr 1975 Middlesborough Carl Berry Click here for photograph of HHN723D 
 HHN726D United Automobile RE26   Previously listed on eBay   
 HHN726D United Automobile 1226  Doncaster chucklebuster Click Here 
 JHN27D United Automobile 1227  Barnard Castle AJA118 Click Here 
 JHN27D United Automobile 1227  Barnard Castle AJA118 Click Here 
 JHN27D United Automobile 1227 27 Jul 1972 Blackpool Mike Street Click Here 
 JHN29D United Automobile 1229 1974 Edinburgh Georgeupstairs Click Here 
 JHN332D United Automobile 1232 30 Jul 1972 London Alan Snatt Click Here 
 JHN840D United Automobile 1240   Neil.DBW31 Click Here 
 NHN141E United Automobile 1241 8 Jul 1973 Scarborough Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 NHN144E United Automobile 1244  Bishop Auckland Stuart Bell Click Here 
 NHN144E United Automobile 1244 Jun 1973 Cheltenham Carl Berry Click here for photograph of NHN144E 
 NHN146E United Automobile 1246   Previously listed on eBay   
 NHN955E United Automobile 1255   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 NHN957E United Automobile 1257  Whitley Bay ijr65 Click Here 
 NHN959E United Automobile 1259   Previously listed on eBay   
 NHN959E United Automobile 1259   ijr65 Click Here 
 NHN963E United Automobile 1263 Oct 1969 London Rick2E Click Here 
 SHN770F United Automobile RE70  London Previously listed on eBay   
 SHN771F United Automobile 1271   southlancs Click Here 
 SHN771F United Automobile 1271
   Rear View 
 London Previously listed on eBay   
 WHN676G United Automobile 1276   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 WHN678G United Automobile 1278   Stuart Bell Click Here 
**101VHN United Automobile BRC1  Leaming Bar Nick Blurton Click Here 
**103VHN United Automobile 1203   Previously listed on eBay   
**105VHN United Automobile 1205 Aug 1970  Transport Images Click Here 
**16XHN United Automobile RE16  London Ken Steley Click Here 
**HHN724D United Automobile RE24   Previously listed on eBay   
**HHN724D United Automobile 1224  Peterborough John Law Click Here 
**HHN725D United Automobile 1225   Previously listed on eBay   
**JHN29D United Automobile 1229   Previously listed on eBay   
**JHN334D United Automobile 1234   Previously listed on eBay   
**JHN335D United Automobile 1235   Previously listed on eBay   
**JHN836D United Automobile 1236   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**JHN839D United Automobile 1239   Previously listed on eBay   
**NHN149E United Automobile 1249   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 

Photo in books/magazines

For pictures in books click on the copyright link for more information.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Book link
 BHN585H United Automobile 1285  London Book-Scotland and North East 1970  Buy Book 
 JHN27D United Automobile RE27  London Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 JHN28D United Automobile RE28
   Rear View 
  Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 JHN838D United Automobile 1238 8 Aug 1972 Newcastle upon Tyne Book-Heyday of the Bristol RE  Buy Book 
 NHN957E United Automobile 1257   Book-ECW 1965  Buy Book 
**101VHN United Automobile BRC1   Book-Bristol Story  Buy Book 
**101VHN United Automobile BRC1 Jun 1964 Doncaster Book-Buses Magazine   
**101VHN United Automobile BRC1 Dec 1964 Doncaster Book-Years before National   
**103VHN United Automobile RE3 Jan 1967 Baldock Book-Ian Allan ABC 10   
**106VHN United Automobile BRC6
   ECW Official photograph 
Apr 1964 Lowerstoft Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
**BHN582H United Automobile 1282   Book-Bus Monographs 5  Buy Book 
**BHN583H United Automobile 1283 Dec 1970 Newcastle upon Tyne Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**HHN725D United Automobile RE25  London Book-Ken Steley   
**JHN27D United Automobile RE27 Apr 1966 Lowerstoft Book-ECW Retrospect  Buy Book 
**JHN334D United Automobile RE34 Sep 1966 London Book-Buses Magazine   
**NHN141E United Automobile RE41  London Book-Ken Steley   
**NHN147E United Automobile RE47
   After accident 
 Leeming Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
**NHN953E United Automobile 1253 1970 Newcastle upon Tyne Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**SHN766F United Automobile RE66  London Book-Years before National   

RELH/ECW coaches that have carried this livery

The list below only covers those that were delivered in this livery, or that I know have carried this livery. There are likely to have been others as well.

Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Build Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration Chassis NumberOriginal Owner Number BuiltScrapped
157SHN212.096 United Automobile BRC11 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
158SHN212.097 United Automobile BRC12 Jul 1964 Feb 1977 
101VHN212.033 United Automobile BRC1 Jan 1964 Feb 1977 
102VHN212.034 United Automobile BRC2 Jan 1964 2 Jul 1977 
103VHN212.035 United Automobile BRC3 Jan 1964 Aug 1978 
104VHN212.036 United Automobile BRC4 Jan 1964 Dec 1978 
105VHN212.037 United Automobile BRC5 Feb 1964 Feb 1978 
106VHN212.053 United Automobile BRC6 Apr 1964 Jun 1977 
107VHN212.054 United Automobile BRC7 Apr 1964 Dec 1978 
108VHN212.055 United Automobile BRC8 Apr 1964 Jan 1978 
109VHN212.056 United Automobile BRC9 Apr 1964 Dec 1978 
110VHN212.057 United Automobile BRC10 Apr 1964 Aug 1978 
13XHN222.003 United Automobile BRC13 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
14XHN222.010 United Automobile BRC14 Jul 1964 Apr 1977 
15XHN222.011 United Automobile BRC15 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
16XHN222.012 United Automobile BRC16 Jul 1964 Jun 1977 
917XHN222.015 United Automobile BRC17 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
918XHN222.016 United Automobile BRC18 Jul 1964 Dec 1978 
AHN119B222.017 United Automobile BRC19 Sep 1964 Dec 1978 
AHN120B222.018 United Automobile BRC20 Sep 1964 Jul 1978 
HHN721D232.104 United Automobile RE21 Mar 1966 Dec 1978 
HHN722D232.105 United Automobile RE22 Apr 1966 Feb 1978 
HHN723D232.106 United Automobile RE23 Apr 1966 23 Jun 1979 
HHN724D232.107 United Automobile RE24 Apr 1966 Jul 1978 
HHN725D232.111 United Automobile RE25 Apr 1966 Dec 1978 
HHN726D232.112 United Automobile RE26 Apr 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN27D232.113 United Automobile RE27 Apr 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN28D232.114 United Automobile RE28 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN29D232.115 United Automobile RE29 May 1966 Nov 1978 
JHN30D232.116 United Automobile RE30 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN31D232.117 United Automobile RE31 May 1966 Jun 1979 
JHN332D232.118 United Automobile RE32 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN333D232.119 United Automobile RE33 May 1966 Nov 1979 
JHN334D232.120 United Automobile RE34 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN335D232.121 United Automobile RE35 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN836D232.122 United Automobile RE36 Jun 1966 Aug 1978 
JHN837D232.123 United Automobile RE37 Jun 1966 Aug 1978 
JHN838D232.124 United Automobile RE38 Jun 1966 Dec 1977 
JHN839D232.125 United Automobile RE39 Jun 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN840D232.126 United Automobile RE40 Jun 1966 Dec 1978 
NHN141E238.050 United Automobile RE41 Mar 1967 8 Mar 1980 
NHN142E238.051 United Automobile RE42 Mar 1967 Mar 1980 
NHN143E238.052 United Automobile RE43 Mar 1967 Feb 1980 
NHN144E238.053 United Automobile RE44 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN145E238.054 United Automobile RE45 Mar 1967 Nov 1979 
NHN146E238.059 United Automobile RE46 Mar 1967 Nov 1979 
NHN147E238.060 United Automobile RE47 Mar 1967 Dec 1969 
NHN148E238.061 United Automobile RE48 Mar 1967 Nov 1979 
NHN149E238.062 United Automobile RE49 Mar 1967 May 1979 
NHN150E238.063 United Automobile RE50 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN151E238.064 United Automobile RE51 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN152E238.065 United Automobile RE52 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN953E238.066 United Automobile RE53 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN954E238.067 United Automobile RE54 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN955E238.070 United Automobile RE55 Mar 1967 Dec 1977 
NHN956E238.071 United Automobile RE56 Mar 1967 Jan 1980 
NHN957E238.072 United Automobile RE57 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN958E238.073 United Automobile RE58 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN959E238.074 United Automobile RE59 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN960E238.075 United Automobile RE60 Apr 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN961E238.076 United Automobile RE61 Apr 1967 Feb 1980 
NHN962E238.077 United Automobile RE62 Apr 1967 25 Aug 1979 
NHN963E238.090 United Automobile RE63 May 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN964E238.091 United Automobile RE64 May 1967 Nov 1979 
NHN965E238.093 United Automobile RE65 May 1967 Dec 1979 
SHN766FRELH-4-167 United Automobile RE66 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN767FRELH-4-168 United Automobile RE67 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN768FRELH-4-169 United Automobile RE68 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN769FRELH-4-170 United Automobile RE69 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN770FRELH-4-171 United Automobile RE70 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN771FRELH-4-172 United Automobile RE71 May 1968 8 Mar 1980 
SHN772FRELH-4-173 United Automobile RE72 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN773FRELH-4-174 United Automobile RE73 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN774FRELH-4-175 United Automobile RE74 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN775FRELH-4-176 United Automobile RE75 May 1968 Sep 1980 
WHN676GRELH-4-227 United Automobile 1276 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN677GRELH-4-228 United Automobile 1277 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN678GRELH-4-229 United Automobile 1278 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN679GRELH-4-230 United Automobile 1279 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN680GRELH-4-231 United Automobile 1280 May 1969 Sep 1980 
BHN581HRELH-4-292 United Automobile 1281 May 1970 Dec 1980 
BHN582HRELH-4-293 United Automobile 1282 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN583HRELH-4-294 United Automobile 1283 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN584HRELH-4-295 United Automobile 1284 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN585HRELH-4-296 United Automobile 1285 May 1970 Sep 1980 

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