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Bristol Omnibus publicity item Bristol Omnibus publicity item Bristol Omnibus Bristol RELH/ECW coach NHW310F
Photo copyright: Carl Berry
 Bristol Omnibus of Bristol, as part of the Tilling group, was one of the original operators of this type of vehicle and took delivery of the first 'production' chassis in 1963.
Bristol was the only company to buy RELHs with 'T' piece destinations, even for a batch of its Greyhound coaches. All Bristol vehicles have a full allocation and repaint history thanks to information from the Gloucestershire's Buses website.

Bristol allocated vehicles to certain number ranges depending on their intended use. The 21xx series vehicles were express coaches, all carrying the 'Bristol Greyhound' livery when they were introduced. Their intended use was on the services to London, examples here, as well as Bristol's contribution to the Associated Motorways network and day tours. The 20xx series was for dual purpose vehicles that were used on the longer distance bus services. Some RELHs were built for this, and several of the express coaches were downgraded in later years. Some of these vehicles were subsequently downgraded to buses and renumbered into the 24xx series in their later years.
The first 20 vehicles of this type that Bristol bought had manual gearboxes and 'coach' type doors which made them unpopular on bus services when they were downgraded. Because of this the whole batch were sold to Western National who then repainted them back into Express livery to get several more years use out of them.
Several RELHs were repainted into NBC Green/White DP because of NBC rules about the age of coaches used on express services, only to be repainted back into NBC Express because they continued to appear on Express services and NBC wasn’t happy about people getting the impression that they were buses! 2 of these (at Swindon) managed to retain NBC Express livery until 1983 to provide cover for breakdowns on the M4, these two then joined the Cheltenham and Gloucester Omnibus fleet for a short time when part of this companies operations were split off.

This operator is now part of First Group.

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   Bristol Omnibus Services: The Green Years
   Bristol - A Century on the Road
   A Pictorial Tribute to the Bristol Omnibus Company 1936-1983


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Fleet List
Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Purchase Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration NumberDate InDate Out
5455FM Dec 1980 Dec 1980  
AFM107B Dec 1980 Dec 1980  
HFM577D May 1980 Nov 1980  
HFM579D May 1980 Oct 1980  
KHW310E2041 May 1967 May 1979  
KHW311E2042 Jun 1967 2 Feb 1979  
KHW312E2043 Jun 1967 23 Jan 1979  
KHW313E2044 Jun 1967 1 Nov 1979  
KHW314E2045 Jun 1967 Apr 1979  
KHW315E2046 Jul 1967 1 Nov 1979  
KHW316E2047 Jul 1967 Apr 1979  
NHW302F2048 Apr 1968 May 1979  
NHW303F2049 Apr 1968 1 May 1979  
NHW304F2050 Apr 1968 31 Jan 1981  
NHW305F2051 Apr 1968 20 Sep 1981  
NHW306F2052 Apr 1968 31 Jan 1981  
NHW307F2053 Apr 1968 28 Feb 1981  
NHW308F2079 Feb 1976 Sep 1983  
NHW309F2080 Aug 1976 31 Jan 1981  
NHW310F2081 May 1976 31 Mar 1981  
NHW311F2082 Jun 1976 30 Nov 1980  
NHW312F2083 Jun 1976 Jul 1983  
NHW313F2084 Apr 1976 31 Jan 1981  
861UAE2115 Nov 1963 Apr 1974  
862UAE2116 Nov 1963 Apr 1974  
863UAE2117 Mar 1964 Apr 1974  
864UAE2118 Mar 1964 May 1974  
865UAE2119 Mar 1964 Sep 1974  
866UAE2120 Mar 1964 May 1974  
867UAE2121 Mar 1964 May 1974  
868UAE2122 Mar 1964 Aug 1974  
869UAE2123 Mar 1964 Sep 1974  
870UAE2124 Mar 1964 Apr 1974  
971WAE2125 May 1964 Sep 1974  
972WAE2126 May 1964 Sep 1974  
973WAE2127 Jun 1964 May 1974  
974WAE2128 Jun 1964 May 1974  
975WAE2129 Jul 1964 Sep 1974  
976WAE2130 Jul 1964 May 1974  
977WAE2131 Jul 1964 Sep 1974  
978WAE2132 Jul 1964 May 1974  
979WAE2133 Jul 1964 Apr 1974  
980WAE2134 Jul 1964 Sep 1974  
NHW308F2151 25 Mar 1968 Feb 1976  
NHW309F2152 May 1968 Aug 1976  
NHW310F2153 May 1968 May 1976  
NHW311F2154 May 1968 Jun 1976  
NHW312F2155 1 May 1968 Jun 1976  
NHW313F2156 May 1968 Apr 1976  
KHW310E2436 May 1979 30 Sep 1980  
 2436 9 Nov 1980 31 Jan 1981  
KHW311E2437 2 Feb 1979 31 Jul 1980  
KHW312E2438 23 Jan 1979 30 Sep 1980  
KHW313E2439 1 Nov 1979 31 Jul 1980  
KHW314E2440 Apr 1979 30 Sep 1980  
KHW315E2441 1 Nov 1979 31 Jan 1981  
KHW316E2442 Apr 1979 30 Nov 1980  
NHW302F2443 May 1979 31 Jan 1981  
NHW303F2444 1 May 1979 31 Jan 1981  

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