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Owner details for North

 North of Sherburn in Elmet was involved with selling or disposing of these coaches.

Photos on the Internet

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   LiveryRegistration Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 NBC Express
   Mobile Travel Office, as BFW523B 
WVL515  Sherburn in Elmet John Hembry Click Here 
 NBC Express WVL515 6 Sep 1991 Sherburn in Elmet we1330 Click Here 
 NBC Express
   Inside mobile Travel Office, as BFW523B 
WVL515 16 Apr 1993 Sherburn in Elmet VRLH Click Here 
 Yellow HDV625E 2 Apr 1981 Sherburn in Elmet Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 NBC Express
   At Norths Scrapyard 
LDV465F Aug 1984 Carlton Mark Harrington Click Here 
 NBC Express LDV465F 1 Aug 1984 Sherburn in Elmet Mark Harrington Click Here 
 NBC Express OTA639G 3 Aug 1983 Carlton John Carter Click Here 
 NBC Express OTA639G 9 Feb 1992 Sherburn in Elmet 79842765 Click Here 
 NBC Express OTA642G 3 Aug 1983 Carlton John Carter Click Here 
**NBC Express OTA639G Mar 1983 Sherburn in Elmet Rex Holt Click Here 

Fleet List
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Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration NumberDate InDate Out
WVL515 By Aug 1991 16 Apr 1993  
374GWN By Mar 1978 By Mar 1978  
  Oct 1979 9 May 1982  
393TUO Dec 1977 By Jan 1978  
394TUO Dec 1977 Dec 1977  
861UAE Aug 1978 Sep 1978  
862UAE Jan 1977 Apr 1977  
  May 1978 Jul 1979  
863UAE Feb 1978 Jun 1978  
865UAE Jan 1977 Feb 1977  
867UAE Dec 1977 Sep 1978  
869UAE Dec 1977 Mar 1978  
  Nov 1979 Nov 1979  
973WAE Jan 1977 Mar 1977  
  May 1978 Jun 1978  
974WAE Jan 1977 May 1977  
976WAE Feb 1978 Apr 1978  
977WAE Dec 1977 Jan 1978  
978WAE Jan 1977 Mar 1977  
979WAE Jan 1977 May 1977  
ATA101B Dec 1977 Dec 1977  
HDV625E Dec 1977 Dec 1977  
  By Mar 1981 2 Apr 1981  
KHW310E Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
KHW314E Feb 1981 Apr 1982  
KHW315E Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
KHW316E Feb 1981 Nov 1981  
LDV465F Jan 1982 1 Aug 1984  
LDV467F Nov 1980 Feb 1982 Vehicle still in existence
LDV846F Aug 1980 Jan 1982  
LDV847F Nov 1980 Nov 1982 Vehicle still in existence
NHW303F Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
NHW304F Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
NHW305F May 1982 Jun 1982  
NHW306F Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
NHW307F Aug 1981 Aug 1981  
OTA630G Aug 1980 Aug 1980  
OTA631G By Aug 1981 Sep 1981  
OTA642G Nov 1980 3 Aug 1983  
RDV414H Aug 1980 Nov 1980  
RDV422H Nov 1980 May 1981  
OTA639G2380 Nov 1980 9 Feb 1992  

List of fleet by year

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