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NBC Express

NBC 'National Express' white livery

A model in this livery was produced by EFE (number 32202), details from or Buy it on ebay.
  Western National Bristol RELH/ECW coach RDV429H
Photo copyright: Carl Berry 

Details of the above livery, as applied to Bristol RELH/ECW coaches.

The list below only includes pictures taken when the vehicles were in service, to include pictures of preserved vehicles as well click here.

Photos on the Internet

All links to photos shown below are to other Internet sites, all photos will be the copyright of their respective owners.
There may be other photos on the Internet that I cannot show the links for. See 'Useful sites for finding pictures' on the links page.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 NHW308F Bristol Omnibus 2151 1975  Previously listed on eBay   
 NHW308F Bristol Omnibus 2079 1979 Swindon Steve Guess Click Here 
 NHW309F Bristol Omnibus 2152 31 Dec 1973 Chiswick Carl Berry Click here for photograph of NHW309F 
 NHW309F Bristol Omnibus 2080 21 Jul 1978 Weston super Mare Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 NHW310F Bristol Omnibus 2081 Oct 1978 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 NHW312F Bristol Omnibus 2083  Marlborough Steven Salmon Click Here 
 NHW312F Bristol Omnibus 2083 31 Mar 1978 Bristol David Russon Click Here 
 5454FM Crosville CRG493   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 5454FM Crosville CRG493   dorsetyetti Click Here 
 5454FM Crosville CRG493 1977 Llandudno Junction Merfyn Jones Click Here 
 5455FM Crosville CRG494 1974 Liverpool bkp550 Click Here 
 5455FM Crosville CRG494   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 5455FM Crosville CRG494 17 Feb 1974 Liverpool Garry Brookes Click Here 
 5455FM Crosville CRG494 9 Jul 1977 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 5457FM Crosville CRG495   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 5457FM Crosville CRG495  Wrexham Rob Wooding Click Here 
 5457FM Crosville CRG495  Blackpool cheltonian1966 Click Here 
 5457FM Crosville CRG495 28 Dec 1974 Manchester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 5458FM Crosville CRG496   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 7285FM Crosville CRG524   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 7285FM Crosville CRG524  Blackpool southlancs Click Here 
 7285FM Crosville CRG524 6 Jun 1977 Southport David Russon Click Here 
 7286FM Crosville CRG525   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 7286FM Crosville CRG525   southlancs Click Here 
 7286FM Crosville CRG525 28 Aug 1976 Llandudno Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM101B Crosville CRG526   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM101B Crosville CRG526 3 Apr 1976 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM101B Crosville CRG526 25 Jul 1979 Liverpool stuartp1960 Click Here 
 AFM102B Crosville CRG527   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM102B Crosville CRG527  Blackpool Trackyman Click Here 
 AFM102G Crosville CRG102   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM102G Crosville CRG102 17 Feb 1979  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of AFM102G 
 AFM103B Crosville CRG528   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 16 Jun 1973 Llandudno Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 1974 Llandudno Richard Diment Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 Jul 1975 Chirk Graham Senior Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 1976 Rhyl Richard Diment Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
     Previously listed on eBay   
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 Jul 1976 London Richard Diment Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
 AFM103G Crosville CRG103 Mar 1979 Thurstaston Graham Senior Click here for photograph of AFM103G 
 AFM104B Crosville CRG529   Trevorh105 Click Here 
 AFM104B Crosville CRG529   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM104B Crosville CRG529 25 Aug 1977 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM105B Crosville CRG530   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM105B Crosville CRG530 1977 Birkenhead Trevorh105 Click Here 
 AFM105B Crosville CRG530 23 Apr 1980 Northwich Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM105G Crosville CRG105   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM105G Crosville CRG105 28 Aug 1976 Rhyl Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM105G Crosville CRG105 Jul 1980 Liverpool Sutchy462 Click Here 
 AFM106B Crosville CRG531  Glasgow Slideshow Dave Click Here 
 AFM106B Crosville CRG531   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM106B Crosville CRG531 3 Jul 1976 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM106B Crosville CRG531 29 Aug 1977 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM106G Crosville CRG106 15 Oct 1978 Blackpool Bryan A Smith Click Here 
 AFM106G Crosville CRG106 1982 Rhyl cliffthemilk Click Here 
 AFM107B Crosville CRG532   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM107B Crosville CRG532   cheltonian1966 Click Here 
 AFM107B Crosville CRG532 3 Aug 1975  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of AFM107B 
 AFM107G Crosville CRG107   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM107G Crosville CRG107 1976  Welsh Pete Click Here 
 AFM108G Crosville CRG108   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM108G Crosville CRG108 10 Aug 1974 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM109G Crosville CRG109   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM109G Crosville CRG109 9 Aug 1977 Oxford Fray Bentos Click Here 
 AFM110G Crosville CRG110   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM111G Crosville CRG111   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 AFM111G Crosville CRG111 31 Dec 1973 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 AFM111G Crosville CRG111 11 Jul 1977 Chester Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 EFM160H Crosville CRG160   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM161H Crosville CRG161   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM161H Crosville CRG161 28 Aug 1976 Conwy Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 EFM162H Crosville CRG162   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM162H Crosville CRG162 9 Jul 1978 Coventry David Russon Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163   bryanb27m4 Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163 29 Dec 1972 Cardiff Mike Street Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163 9 Feb 1973 Liverpool Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 EFM163H Crosville CRG163 20 Mar 1977 Liverpool Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 EFM164H Crosville CRG164   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 EFM164H Crosville CRG164 13 Dec 1973 High Wycombe Previously listed on eBay   
 EFM164H Crosville CRG164 3 Oct 1976 London Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM571D Crosville CRG571   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM571D Crosville CRG571  Manchester AJA118 Click Here 
 HFM571D Crosville CRG571 13 Jul 1977 Bangor Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM571D Crosville CRG571 Jul 1980 Barmouth Steve Guess Click Here 
 HFM572D Crosville CRG572   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM572D Crosville CRG572 15 Sep 1979 London Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 HFM573D Crosville CRG573 28 Jan 1973  Previously listed on eBay   
 HFM573D Crosville CRG573  Charnock Richard vss1x Click Here 
 HFM573D Crosville CRG573  Southampton Nigel Frampton Click Here 
 HFM573D Crosville CRG573   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM573D Crosville CRG573 18 Aug 1979 Scarborough Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM574D Crosville CRG574   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM574D Crosville CRG574  Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM574D Crosville CRG574 21 Aug 1974 Worcester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM575D Crosville CRG575   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM575D Crosville CRG575 7 Apr 1977 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM575D Crosville CRG575 Oct 1978 Blackpool David Russon Click Here 
 HFM576D Crosville CRG576   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM576D Crosville CRG576 23 Nov 1980 Chester gmptemetropolitan Click Here 
 HFM577D Crosville CRG577  Liverpool Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM577D Crosville CRG577 75 Jul 1975 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM577D Crosville CRG577 24 May 1978 Pwllhelli David Jones Click Here 
 HFM578D Crosville CRG578   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 HFM578D Crosville CRG578 28 Aug 1977 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM578D Crosville CRG578 Oct 1978  Phillip White Click Here 
 HFM579D Crosville CRG579 13 Jul 1977 Rhyl Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 HFM580D Crosville CRG580   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 OFM26E Crosville CRG26 28 May 1977 Scarborough Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 OFM27E Crosville CRG27  Llangollen AJA118 Click Here 
 OFM28E Crosville CRG28  Carmarthen Steve Guess Click Here 
 OFM28E Crosville CRG28 9 Jul 1977 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 OFM28E Crosville CRG28 24 Jun 1978 Cardiff Mike Street Click Here 
 UFM37F Crosville CRG37   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 UFM37F Crosville CRG37 8 Aug 1979 Betwys y Coed David Adams Click Here 
 UFM38F Crosville CRG38   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 UFM38F Crosville CRG38  Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 UFM39F Crosville CRG39   southlancs Click Here 
 UFM39F Crosville CRG39 28 Aug 1977 Caernarfon Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 UFM40F Crosville CRG40   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 UFM41F Crosville CRG41   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 UFM41F Crosville CRG41  Chester Previously listed on eBay   
 UFM41F Crosville CRG41 Dec 1977 Oxford Steve Annells Click Here 
 GNG479C Eastern Counties RE879   Ian Trotter Click Here 
 GNG479C Eastern Counties RE879 1980 Great Yarmouth Lady Wulfrun Click here for photograph of GNG479C 
 GNG92C Eastern Counties RE880 27 Aug 1976 Cambridge Guy Lowlander Click Here 
 GNG92C Eastern Counties RE880 Oct 1977 Cambridge Peter Steel Click Here 
 GNG92C Eastern Counties RE880 9 Jun 1979 Fornham St Martin turbostar171 Click Here 
     turbostar171 Click Here 
     turbostar171 Click Here 
     turbostar171 Click Here 
 GPW482D Eastern Counties RE882  Coventry Peter Horrex Click Here 
 GPW482D Eastern Counties RE882  Coventry Mark Kirk Click Here 
 GPW883D Eastern Counties RE883   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of GPW883D 
 GPW884D Eastern Counties RE884   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 GPW886D Eastern Counties RE886   southlancs Click Here 
 GVF888D Eastern Counties RE888 26 Aug 1976 Cambridge Guy Lowlander Click Here 
 HAH890D Eastern Counties RE890 4 Apr 1977 Cambridge Guy Lowlander Click Here 
 HAH890D Eastern Counties RE890 Oct 1977 Cambridge Peter Steel Click Here 
 HAH891D Eastern Counties RE891 4 Jun 1978 Bury St Edmunds turbostar171 Click Here 
 HAH892D Eastern Counties RE892   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 HAH892D Eastern Counties RE892  Cambridge Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 HAH892D Eastern Counties RE892 Oct 1977 Cambridge Peter Steel Click Here 
 HAH893D Eastern Counties RE893   southlancs Click Here 
 SVF894G Eastern Counties RE894
   Rear View 
Apr 1973 Holbrook SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 SVF894G Eastern Counties RE894 18 Aug 1973 Great Yarmouth SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 SVF894G Eastern Counties RE894  London ridgway Click Here 
 SVF894G Eastern Counties RE894   southlancs Click Here 
 SVF894G Eastern Counties RE894   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 SVF895G Eastern Counties RE895 1980 Great Yarmouth Lady Wulfrun Click here for photograph of SVF895G 
 SVF896G Eastern Counties RE896   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 SVF896G Eastern Counties RE898 1980 Norwich Peter Horrex Click Here 
 SVF897G Eastern Counties RE897   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 SVF898G Eastern Counties RE898   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
 SVF898G Eastern Counties RE898
   Rear View 
1980 Norwich Peter Horrex Click Here 
 YHK727F Eastern National 410 3 Jul 1973 Prittlewell Mike Street Click Here 
 CVL850D Lincolnshire 1431 1976 Belvoir Castle Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 CVL850D Lincolnshire 1431 1977 Lincoln Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 CVL850D Lincolnshire 1431 23 Jul 1978 Cheltenham Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 CVL850D Lincolnshire 1431 Jun 1979 Skegness Bryan A Smith Click Here 
 CVL850D Lincolnshire 1431 21 Jul 1979 Skegness Bryan A Smith Click Here 
 CVL851D Lincolnshire 1432 1976 Skegness Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 CVL851D Lincolnshire 1432 1980 Newark John Law Click Here 
 VVL730 Lincolnshire 1401 30 May 1975 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 VVL731 Lincolnshire 2820   Previously listed on eBay   
 VVL731 Lincolnshire 1402 30 May 1978 London David Russon Click Here 
 WVL514 Lincolnshire 1403 31 May 1975 Rhyl Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 WVL514 Lincolnshire 1403 3 Jul 1976 Chester Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 WVL514 Lincolnshire 1403 May 1978 Scunthorpe Lady Wulfrun Click here for photograph of WVL514 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 1404  Cheltenham golfsierra999 Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 1404  Nottingham Sou'wester Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 1404 1 Mar 1978 Newark David Russon Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 1404 Jul 1978 London Scatmancraig1974 Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10
   Mobile Travel Office 
19 Oct 1982 Gainsborough guy_arab_uf Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10 4 May 1984 Scunthorpe ManOfYorkshire Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10 1985 Boston southlancs Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10   John Carter Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10 3 Sep 1985 Lincoln John Carter Click Here 
     John Carter Click Here 
 WVL515 Lincolnshire 10 26 Mar 1987 Lincoln Carl Berry Click here for photograph of WVL515 
 YHK724F Lincolnshire 1426  London Sou'wester Click Here 
 YHK726F Lincolnshire 1427   Bryan A Smith Click Here 
 YHK728F Lincolnshire 1429   southlancs Click Here 
 YHK728F Lincolnshire 1429 21 Oct 1978 Birmingham bkp550 Click Here 
 YHK729F Lincolnshire 1430 30 Sep 1978 Scunthorpe bkp550 Click Here 
 YHK729F Lincolnshire 1430 24 Jul 1979 Hull Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 YHK729F Lincolnshire 1430 7 Aug 1979 Scunthorpe stuartp1960 Click Here 
 1386R Midland General 132 1974  21c101 Click Here 
 GWO6D National Welsh RC7666   southlancs Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RC6368  Brighton southlancs Click Here 
 OAX7F National Welsh RC6368  Brighton Ian Trotter Click Here 
 OAX9F National Welsh RC6568  Exmouth Sou'wester Click Here 
 OAX9F National Welsh RC6568 21 Oct 1978 Birmingham bkp550 Click Here 
 SAX10G National Welsh RC5469 Jan 1979 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX1G National Welsh RC4569  Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX1G National Welsh RC4569 30 Jun 1979  Previously listed on eBay   
 SAX2G National Welsh RC4669   Ian Trotter Click Here 
 SAX2G National Welsh RD4669 30 Jun 1979  Previously listed on eBay   
 LDV465F North 
   At Norths Scrapyard 
Aug 1984 Carlton Mark Harrington Click Here 
 LDV465F North  1 Aug 1984 Sherburn in Elmet Mark Harrington Click Here 
 OTA639G North  3 Aug 1983 Carlton John Carter Click Here 
 OTA639G North  9 Feb 1992 Sherburn in Elmet 79842765 Click Here 
 OTA642G North  3 Aug 1983 Carlton John Carter Click Here 
 WVL515 North 
   Mobile Travel Office, as BFW523B 
 Sherburn in Elmet John Hembry Click Here 
 WVL515 North  6 Sep 1991 Sherburn in Elmet we1330 Click Here 
 WVL515 North 
   Inside mobile Travel Office, as BFW523B 
16 Apr 1993 Sherburn in Elmet VRLH Click Here 
 AVX965B National Travel South East  23 May 1975 London Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 GVW981H National Travel South East  15 Mar 1975 Kelvedon Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 GVW982H National Travel South East  15 Mar 1975 Kelvedon Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 GVW983H National Travel South East  9 Mar 1975 Sevenoaks Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 YHK726F National Travel South East  1976 Taunton Carl Berry Click here for photograph of YHK726F 
 YHK727F National Travel South East    Ian Trotter Click Here 
 YHK727F National Travel South East  31 Jul 1975 Chartwell Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 YHK729F National Travel South East  1 Mar 1978 Lincoln David Russon Click Here 
 GWO1D Red and White RC166  Cheltenham Alan Snatt Click Here 
 GWO2D Red and White RC7266 Dec 1977 Brynmawr Previously listed on eBay   
 GWO6D Red and White RC7666   southlancs Click Here 
 GWO6D Red and White RC7666 20 Jul 1978 Cardiff Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 GWO7D Red and White RC766  Chester AJA118 Click Here 
 OAX10F Red and White RC6668 Jan 1977 Chepstow Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX10F Red and White RD6668  Coventry the bus gallery Click Here 
 OAX1F Red and White RC168  Weymouth southlancs Click Here 
 OAX2F Red and White RC5868 Feb 1977 Bristol Steve Annells Click Here 
 OAX5F Red and White RC6168 27 Jul 1976 Hereford Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 OAX8F Red and White RC6468 2 Oct 1977 Cheltenham bkp550 Click Here 
 SAX11G Red and White RC1169 18 Jul 1974 Birmingham bkp550 Click Here 
 SAX1G Red and White RC4569  Swindon cheltonian1966 Click Here 
 SAX3G Red and White RC369   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 SAX3G Red and White RC4769  London kwk33f Click Here 
 SAX5G Red and White RC569 27 Sep 1972 Cardiff Mike Street Click Here 
 SAX7G Red and White RC5169   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of SAX7G 
 SAX9G Red and White RC969   the quiet man2010 Click Here 
 SAX9G Red and White RC969   Stuart Bell Click Here 
 374GWN South Wales 155   southlancs Click Here 
 374GWN South Wales 155 20 Apr 1973 Swansea Mike Street Click Here 
 375GWN South Wales 156 29 Jun 1973 Llandudno bkp550 Click Here 
 KCY211E South Wales 165 Apr 1977 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 KCY211E South Wales 501 Oct 1980 Brynamman John Law Click Here 
 KCY212E South Wales 502  Swansea Ian Trotter Click Here 
 KCY212E South Wales 502 27 Apr 1982 Swansea Steve Powell Click Here 
 UFM37F South Wales 503  Cardiff Bus Preservation Click Here 
 UFM37F South Wales 503   Ian Trotter Click Here 
 UFM39F South Wales 504  Cardiff Bus Preservation Click Here 
 UFM39F South Wales 504  Merthyr Tydfil Ian Trotter Click Here 
 UFM39F South Wales 504 Mar 1982 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 UFM39F South Wales 504 26 Feb 1983 Swansea Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 GVW983H Tillings Transport 9421 27 Jun 1973 Achnasheen Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
     Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 250FRP United Counties 250 10 Apr 1979 Wellingborough DeanM66A Click Here 
 ABD252B United Counties 252  Skegness Alan Farrow Click Here 
 ABD252B United Counties 252 1979 London John Law Click Here 
 ABD253B United Counties 253 Aug 1978 Eastbourne Steve Annells Click Here 
 BBD255B United Counties 255 17 Mar 1979 Bedford turbostar171 Click Here 
 BBD256B United Counties 256   Previously listed on eBay   
 BBD256B United Counties 256 1978  Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 BBD257B United Counties 257 20 Apr 1977 Dunstable leyland bus Click Here 
 BBD258B United Counties 258 Oct 1977  Dave A Flett Click Here 
 BBD258B United Counties 258 21 May 1980 Luton leyland bus Click Here 
 KRP263E United Counties 263 10 Jul 1977 Birmingham Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 KRP264E United Counties 264   southlancs Click Here 
 KRP264E United Counties 264 Aug 1978 Nottingham David Russon Click Here 
 KRP264E United Counties 264 2 Feb 1980 Luton leyland bus Click Here 
 KRP264E United Counties 264 Aug 1980 Taunton pwgb Click Here 
 KRP265E United Counties 265 22 Sep 1979 Bristol we1330 Click Here 
 KRP265E United Counties 265 2 Mar 1980 Luton leyland bus Click Here 
 KRP266E United Counties 266 17 May 1977 Nottingham David Russon Click Here 
 KRP269E United Counties 269   southlancs Click Here 
 KRP269E United Counties 269  London Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 KRP269E United Counties 269 1979 London Steve Guess Click Here 
 KRP269E United Counties 269 22 Dec 1980 Swindon Jonathan Greenwood Click Here 
 KRP269E United Counties 269  Bedford Bristol MW Driver Click Here 
 KRP270E United Counties 270  London Tolcarne Depot Click Here 
 ORP271F United Counties 271 14 Jul 1977 London Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 ORP273F United Counties 273 27 Aug 1974 London Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 ORP273F United Counties 273 Jun 1982 London Martin Addison Click Here 
 ORP273F United Counties 273 1984 Wellingborough FF17285 Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274   Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274  Kettering lva45 Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274 Jun 1974 London rossendalian2013 Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274 Apr 1976 London Steve Annells Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274 Apr 1982 Kettering Martin Addison Click Here 
     Martin Addison Click Here 
 ORP274F United Counties 274 Jul 1982 London Steve Guess Click Here 
     Steve Guess Click Here 
 BHN583H United Automobile 1283 27 May 1978 Blackpool Chris Roberts Click Here 
 BHN584H United Automobile 1284  Carlisle Mark Bowerbank Click Here 
 BHN584H United Automobile 1284 17 Jul 1978 Newcastle upon Tyne bkp550 Click Here 
 JHN31D United Automobile 1231 22 Jul 1978 Bishop Auckland Guy Lowlander Click Here 
 JHN334D United Automobile 1234   southlancs Click Here 
 JHN334D United Automobile 1234 18 Mar 1978 Blyth bkp550 Click Here 
 JHN335D United Automobile 1235  Cambridge Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 NHN141E United Automobile 1241   southlancs Click Here 
 NHN150E United Automobile 1250   Previously listed on eBay   
 NHN152E United Automobile 1252   southlancs Click Here 
 NHN152E United Automobile 1252   ijr65 Click Here 
 NHN953E United Automobile 1253 1977 London Steve Annells Click Here 
 NHN958E United Automobile 1258  Lincoln Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 NHN959E United Automobile 1259   Previously listed on eBay   
 NHN963E United Automobile 1263  Sedgefield Stuart Bell Click Here 
 SHN771F United Automobile 1271 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
     bkp550 Click Here 
 WHN676G United Automobile 1276 May 1974 Ilkeston berisfordjones Click Here 
 WHN678G United Automobile 1278 1976 Lincoln Lincs and EY TR Click Here 
 WHN678G United Automobile 1278 1977  Carl Berry Click here for photograph of WHN678G 
 WHN679G United Automobile 1279 10 Jun 1978 Bishop Auckland bkp550 Click Here 
 837SUO Western National 2351 1 Aug 1977 Bournemouth David Mant Click Here 
 838SUO Western National 2352 15 Apr 1976 Exeter Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 838SUO Western National 2352 28 May 1977 Derby David Russon Click Here 
 838SUO Western National 2352 1978 London Eamonn Kentell Click Here 
 861UAE Western National 2301 11 Jun 1977 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
 862UAE Western National 2302 10 Apr 1976 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
 863UAE Western National 2303   Previously listed on eBay   
 864UAE Western National 2306 1976 Cardiff Previously listed on eBay   
 865UAE Western National 2312  Exeter chucklebuster Click Here 
 869UAE Western National 2313 24 Jan 1977 Taunton Fray Bentos Click Here 
 974WAE Western National 2307 14 Sep 1974 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
 976WAE Western National 2308  Torquay WyeDevon Click Here 
 977WAE Western National 2317 11 Jan 1975 Southampton Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 HDV643E Western National 2368 1 May 1974 Portsmouth Paul Webber Click Here 
 HDV643E Western National 2368 Jul 1975 Oxford Steve Annells Click Here 
 HDV645E Western National 2370   Previously listed on eBay   
 LDV465F Western National 1455
   Rear View 
 Newquay Tolcarne Depot Click Here 
 LDV467F Western National 1457 Aug 1978 Oxford Steve Annells Click Here 
 LDV472F Western National 1454 15 Jan 1980 Exeter Carl Berry Click here for photograph of LDV472F 
 LDV843F Western National 2371 14 Jun 1975 Winchester Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 LDV843F Western National 2371 15 Jan 1980 Exeter Carl Berry Click here for photograph of LDV843F 
 LDV844F Western National 2372   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 LDV844F Western National 2372
   On hire to Yelloway 
Aug 1973 Manchester Spoddendale Click Here 
 LDV846F Western National 2374
   After withdrawal 
5 Apr 1980 Torquay ricardo4eyes Click Here 
 LDV847F Western National 2375 1978 Weymouth Paul Webber Click Here 
 LDV849F Western National 2377   southlancs Click Here 
 OTA631G Western National 1459 2 Dec 1978 Swindon Carl Berry Click here for photograph of OTA631G 
 OTA632G Western National 1460 1973 Llandudno Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 OTA634G Western National 1462  Plymouth Paul Webber Click Here 
 OTA634G Western National 1462 19 May 1980 Brighton Graham Walker Click Here 
 OTA635G Western National 1463
   After withdrawal 
9 Aug 1980 Torquay ricardo4eyes Click Here 
 OTA635G Western National 1463  Torquay Western Bonkers Click Here 
 OTA635G Western National 1463
   Being scrapped 
13 Sep 1980 Torquay ricardo4eyes Click Here 
 OTA636G Western National 1464 1978 Weymouth Wikimedia Click Here 
     Martin Addison Click Here 
 OTA638G Western National 1466 Oct 1979 Oxford Steve Annells Click Here 
 OTA642G Western National 2382  Taunton Sou'wester Click Here 
 OTA643G Western National 2383 5 Jan 1975 Oxford Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 OTA643G Western National 2383
   After withdrawal 
3 May 1980 Torquay ricardo4eyes Click Here 
 OTA644G Western National 2384 6 Jan 1975 Oxford Steve Thoroughgood Click Here 
 OTA644G Western National 2384  Exeter Carl Berry Click here for photograph of OTA644G 
 OTA644G Western National 2384 Dec 1977 Bath Steve Annells Click Here 
 OTA644G Western National 2384 1 Apr 1978 Totnes David Russon Click Here 
 OTA645G Western National 2385 1 May 1974 Portsmouth Paul Webber Click Here 
     Paul Webber Click Here 
 OTA645G Western National 2385   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 OTA646G Western National 2386   Stuart Bell Click Here 
 RDV413H Western National 2387   southlancs Click Here 
 RDV413H Western National 2387 2 Apr 1978 Torquay David Russon Click Here 
 RDV413H Western National 2387 21 Jul 1978 Bath Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 RDV414H Western National 2388 Jan 1978 London Steve Annells Click Here 
 RDV421H Western National 1470 19 Oct 1976 Bournemouth Alwyn Ladell Click Here 
 RDV422H Western National 1471   Bus Preservation Click Here 
 RDV423H Western National 1472   Rob Sly's site Click Here 
 RDV423H Western National 1472   1431Andy Click Here 
 RDV427H Western National 1476   Previously listed on eBay   
 RDV428H Western National 1477 May 1978 Weymouth Peter Steel Click Here 
 RDV429H Western National 1478   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of RDV429H 
 RDV430H Western National 1479  Taunton Sou'wester Click Here 
 RDV433H Western National 1482  Plymouth Sou'wester Click Here 
 RDV434H Western National 1483 2 Apr 1978 Exeter David Russon Click Here 
 RDV434H Western National 1483 15 Jan 1980 Exeter Carl Berry Click here for photograph of RDV434H 
 AWR402B West Yorkshire 1002 28 Apr 1975 Preston bkp550 Click Here 
 AWR403B West Yorkshire 1003   Terry Stapley Click Here 
 AWR405B West Yorkshire 1005
   Rear View 
14 Apr 1977 Leeds Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 AWR405B West Yorkshire 1005 11 Mar 1978 Leeds Adrian Griffith Click Here 
 AWR405B West Yorkshire 1005 1 May 1978 York David Russon Click Here 
 AWR406B West Yorkshire 1006   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 AWR406B West Yorkshire 1006  York chucklebuster Click Here 
 CWY498H West Yorkshire 1031  London Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY498H West Yorkshire 1031 15 Jun 1974 London Mike Street Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 1032   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 1032   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY499H West Yorkshire 1032   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY501H West Yorkshire 2304 7 Aug 1979 York stuartp1960 Click Here 
 CWY502H West Yorkshire 1035 10 Jul 1977 Whitby Bryan A Smith Click Here 
 CWY502H West Yorkshire 2305 Oct 1978  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 CWY503H West Yorkshire 1036 Jan 1979 Nottingham David Russon Click Here 
 LWW790D West Yorkshire 1009  Leeds West Yorkshire Road Car Reunion Click Here 
 LWW790D West Yorkshire 1009 20 Sep 1975 Leeds SCT'61 Website Click Here 
 MWR962D West Yorkshire 1010 11 Jun 1976 York Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 MWR962D West Yorkshire 1010 28 Aug 1978 Southport David Russon Click Here 
 MWR962D West Yorkshire 2498
   After disposal 
  Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 MWR963D West Yorkshire 1011 16 Oct 1976 York Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 MWR963D West Yorkshire 1011 28 Feb 1977 York Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 MWR963D West Yorkshire 1011 8 Jul 1977 Newcastle upon Tyne Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 OWT241E West Yorkshire 1014 21 May 1977 Blackpool bkp550 Click Here 
 PWR858E West Yorkshire 1015 20 Mar 1977 Liverpool Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 PWR858E West Yorkshire 1015 7 Jul 1977 Leeds Frans Angevaare Click Here 
 PWR859E West Yorkshire 1016 21 Oct 1978 Birmingham bkp550 Click Here 
 TWX144F West Yorkshire 1018   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWX145F West Yorkshire 1020   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWX145F West Yorkshire 1020 1 Jun 1976 Leeds Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 TWX145F West Yorkshire 1020 Oct 1978 Blackpool David Russon Click Here 
 TWX146F West Yorkshire 1021  Leeds West Yorkshire Road Car Reunion Click Here 
 TWX146F West Yorkshire 1021 24 Mar 1978 Blackpool David Russon Click Here 
 TWX146F West Yorkshire 1021  Kendal Richard Stubbings Click Here 
 TWX147F West Yorkshire 1022   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWX147F West Yorkshire 1022 1978 Blackpool bkp550 Click Here 
 TWX653F West Yorkshire 1023   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
 TWX653F West Yorkshire 1023 13 Mar 1973 Bradford Brian A Smith Click Here 
 YWY513G West Yorkshire 1024 16 Apr 1977 Sheffield Alistair Holt/Keith Holt Click Here 
 YYG217G West Yorkshire 1025   Previously listed on eBay   
 YYG540G West Yorkshire 1028 Jun 1977 Birmingham David Russon Click Here 
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 1029   Previously listed on eBay   
 YYG541G West Yorkshire 1028 9 Oct 1976 Doncaster Brian A Smith Click Here 
**NHW310F Bristol Omnibus 2153 2 Mar 1976 Bristol Fray Bentos Click Here 
**NHW310F Bristol Omnibus 2081  Bristol preselected Click Here 
**NHW312F Bristol Omnibus 2083 26 Aug 1978 Portishead Fray Bentos Click Here 
**NHW313F Bristol Omnibus 2156   Previously listed on eBay   
**5458FM Crosville CRG496  Llanelli John Law Click Here 
**AFM109G Crosville CRG109 26 May 1975 London Buses by Edward J2011 Click Here 
**HFM577D Crosville CRG577 1975 Liverpool Crosville Enthusiasts' Club (1967) Click Here 
**OFM29E Crosville CRG29   Previously listed on eBay   
**UFM38F Crosville CRG38 1976 Cannock walsall1955 Click Here 
**UFM39F Crosville CRG39   Previously listed on eBay   
**GNG481C Eastern Counties RE881   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**GPW883D Eastern Counties RE883   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**GPW886D Eastern Counties RE886   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**GVF888D Eastern Counties RE888   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**GVF889D Eastern Counties RE889   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**GVF889D Eastern Counties RE889 3 Jul 1977 Bury St Edmunds turbostar171 Click Here 
**HAH890D Eastern Counties RE890  Norwich return2layerroad Click Here 
**HAH891D Eastern Counties RE891 1978 Norwich return2layerroad Click Here 
**HAH893D Eastern Counties RE893  Norwich John Law Click Here 
**SVF896G Eastern Counties RE896   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**SVF897G Eastern Counties RE897 1979 London John Law Click Here 
**OTA639G North  Mar 1983 Sherburn in Elmet Rex Holt Click Here 
**YHK725F National Travel South East   Catford John Law Click Here 
**OAX5F Red and White RC568  Paignton Ken Steley Click Here 
**OAX8F Red and White RC868   Previously listed on eBay   
**KCY211E South Wales 501 21 Dec 1981 Swansea Ian Kirby Click Here 
**KCY212E South Wales 166  Llanelli Previously listed on eBay   
**BBD256B United Counties 255
   Rear View 
1980 Luton leyland bus Click Here 
**BBD257B United Counties 257  Luton John Law Click Here 
**KRP264E United Counties 264 Jul 1975 Fareham Carl Berry Click here for photograph of KRP264E 
**ORP271F United Counties 271 Jun 1981 Northampton Previously listed on eBay   
**ORP274F United Counties 274 Jul 1975 Portsmouth Carl Berry Click here for photograph of ORP274F 
**ORP275F United Counties 275
   After withdrawal 
 Northampton Previously listed on eBay   
**ORP276F United Counties 276 Feb 1982 Bedford Previously listed on eBay   
**JHN333D United Automobile 1233   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**SHN767F United Automobile 1267   ibptsfelixstowe Click Here 
**SHN768F United Automobile 1268  Sedgefield John Law Click Here 
**WHN679G United Automobile 1279   Carl Berry Click here for photograph of WHN679G 
**837SUO Western National 2351   Previously listed on eBay   
**842SUO Western National 2362   500clt Click Here 
**972WAE Western National 2315   Previously listed on eBay   
**977WAE Western National 2317  Southampton John Law Click Here 
**HDV624E Western National 2365 27 Aug 1976 Bude Previously listed on eBay   
**LDV466F Western National 1456  Truro Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV466F Western National 1456  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV467F Western National 1457  Exeter Terry Partridge Click Here 
**LDV467F Western National 1457  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV467F Western National 1457  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV844F Western National 2372  London Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV846F Western National 2374  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**LDV849F Western National 2377   Previously listed on eBay   
**OTA630G Western National 1458  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**OTA630G Western National 1458  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**OTA636G Western National 1464  Totnes Andrew Riley Click Here 
**OTA638G Western National 1466 1979 Bristol preselected Click Here 
**OTA644G Western National 2384  Barnstaple Andrew Riley Click Here 
**RDV417H Western National 2391   Previously listed on eBay   
**RDV422H Western National 1471  Ilfracombe Andrew Riley Click Here 
**RDV426H Western National 1475  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**RDV427H Western National 1476  Exeter Andrew Riley Click Here 
**RDV434H Western National 1483 1977 Taunton John Law Click Here 
**CWY500H West Yorkshire 2303   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**LWT825D West Yorkshire 1008   Previously listed on eBay   
**PWR858E West Yorkshire 1015 20 Mar 1977 Liverpool antrimfj Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 1019   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWW766F West Yorkshire 1019   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWX144F West Yorkshire 1018   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 
**TWX144F West Yorkshire 1018   cairavon Click Here 
**YWY514G West Yorkshire 1026   Previously listed on eBay   
**YYG218G West Yorkshire 1027   Aire Valley Transport Collection Click Here 

Photo in books/magazines

For pictures in books click on the copyright link for more information.
** = Black and white photo, otherwise colour.

   Registration Owner Date Location Photo copyright Book link
 NHW312F Bristol Omnibus 2083   Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 5458FM Crosville CRG496 1973 Chester Book-Crosville 2  Buy Book 
 AFM105G Crosville CRG105 Aug 1981  Book-Crosville Enthusiasts Club   
 AFM107G Crosville CRG107 Apr 1980 London Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
 EFM162H Crosville CRG162 2 Jun 1978 St Helens Book-Crosville Enthusiasts Club   
 HFM575D Crosville CRG575 23 Mar 1980 Liverpool Book-Crosville in Colour 1965-1986  Buy Book 
 UFM37F Crosville CRG37 21 Sep 1980 Llandudno Book-B&C Preservation mag.   
 RDV423H James 1472  Swindon Book-Reliable Bristol, 3rd Edition   
 OAX1F National Welsh RC5768   Previously listed on eBay   
 OAX5F National Welsh RC6168 Aug 1979 Torquay Book-B&C Preservation mag.   
 AVX966B National Travel South East  Aug 1975 Coventry Book-Heyday of the Bristol RE  Buy Book 
 BBD255B United Counties 255
   Rear View 
1978  Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 BBD259B United Counties 259  London Book-Hayday - North West   
 ORP273F United Counties 273  Cheltenham Book-Classic Bus magazine   
 ORP276F United Counties 276 31 May 1975 Market Harborough Book-Heyday of the Bristol RE  Buy Book 
 LDV850F Western National 2378 15 Sep 1973 Penzance Book-Andrew Riley   
 OTA632G Western National 1460  Southampton Book-Royal Blue Days  Buy Book 
 OTA636G Western National 1464   Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
 OTA641G Western National 2381 May 1974 Weymouth Book-Classic Bus magazine   
 RDV423H Western National 1472   Book-BRISTOL RE 40   
**978WAE Bristol Omnibus 2132 Mar 1974 Bristol Book-The Green Years  Buy Book 
**NHW309F Bristol Omnibus 2080  Bristol Book-Tribute to BOCL  Buy Book 
**5458FM Crosville CRG496 Jun 1978  Book-Buses Magazine   
**AFM102B Crosville CRG527  Barmouth Book-Crosville 2  Buy Book 
**AFM102B Crosville CRG527 Aug 1978 Aberystwyth Book-Buses Annual 1983   
**AFM106G Crosville CRG106 Jul 1979 Birmingham Book-Fleetbook 5   
**AFM111G Crosville CRG111 Nov 1972  Book-Crosville Fleet List 1972/73   
**AFM111G Crosville CRG111   Book-Crosville 2  Buy Book 
**EFM163H Crosville CRG163   Book-B&C Preservation mag.   
**EFM163H Crosville CRG163   Book-B&C Preservation mag.   
**EFM163H Crosville CRG163 13 May 1973 Oswestry Book-Crosville 2  Buy Book 
**HFM572D Crosville CRG572 30 Apr 1976  Book-Explore Crosville Country 1  Buy Book 
**UFM38F Crosville CRG38 Jul 1974 Nottingham Book-Prestige Crosville  Buy Book 
**UFM38F Crosville CRG38 Apr 1978 Huyton Book-Crosville Merseyside  Buy Book 
**UFM40F Crosville CRG40 Jan 1974  Book-Crosville Fleet List 1974   
**GPW885D Eastern Counties RE885 1978 London Book-Bus Monographs 5  Buy Book 
**YHK725F Eastern National 408 Jun 1973 Basildon Book-Classic Bus magazine   
**WVL515 Lincolnshire 10 Aug 1986 Lincoln Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**YHK726F Lincolnshire 1427 1980 London Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**YHK729F Lincolnshire 1430 Nov 1978 Scunthorpe Book-Buses Magazine   
**AVX966B National Travel South East 9405
   Mascot National fleetnames 
Jul 1974 Dover Book-NBC Early Years  Buy Book 
**GWO6D Red and White RC666 1974 Liverpool Book-NBC Early Years  Buy Book 
**250FRP United Counties 250  Coventry Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**ABD253B United Counties 253  Letchworth Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**ORP274F United Counties 274 1982 London Book-Buses Extra Magazine   
**SHN766F United Automobile 1266 Mar 1976  Book-Fleetbook 8   
**971WAE Western National 2314  Plymouth Book-Andrew Riley   
**974WAE Western National 2307 Aug 1976 Plymouth Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
**976WAE Western National 2308 Aug 1974  Book-PSV Circle Fleet History   
**ATA102B Western National 2358 1973 London Book-The Green Years  Buy Book 
**LDV843F Western National 2371 1978 Wareham Book-Classic Bus magazine   
**OTA631G Western National 1459   Book-Focus on National Express   
**OTA632G Western National 1460 Mar 1980  Book-Buses Magazine   
**RDV425H Western National 1474  Exeter Book-Andrew Riley   
**RDV433H Western National 1482 Aug 1980  Book-The Bristol RE  Buy Book 
**AWR403B West Yorkshire 1003 Sep 1976 Leeds Book-Buses Magazine   

RELH/ECW coaches that have carried this livery

The list below only covers those that were delivered in this livery, or that I know have carried this livery. There are likely to have been others as well.

Sort list by Chassis Number, Body Style, Disposal Date Fleet Number, Build Date, or Registration
Those shown in bold have photographs available.

Registration Chassis NumberOriginal Owner Number BuiltScrapped
VVL730212.019 Lincolnshire 2819 Mar 1964 Jul 1980 
VVL731212.020 Lincolnshire 2820 Mar 1964 Sep 1982 
WVL514212.078 Lincolnshire 2821 Jul 1964 Sep 1980 
WVL515212.079 Lincolnshire 2822 Jul 1964 16 Apr 1993 
5454FM212.011 Crosville CRG493 Jan 1964 Mar 1980 
5455FM212.016 Crosville CRG494 Jan 1964 Jan 1981 
5457FM212.017 Crosville CRG495 Feb 1964 Oct 1980 
5458FM212.018 Crosville CRG496 Feb 1964 Mar 1980 
7285FM212.062 Crosville CRG524 Jun 1964 Nov 1980 
7286FM212.063 Crosville CRG525 May 1964 Dec 1985 
1384R212.048 Midland General 30 May 1964 Aug 1977 
1386R212.050 Midland General 32 May 1964 Apr 1977 
250FRP212.032 United Counties 250 Jan 1964 Sep 1980 
374GWN212.026 United Welsh 17 Jan 1964 Aug 1991 
375GWN212.027 United Welsh 18 Jan 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
837SUO212.061 Western National 2351 May 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
838SUO212.065 Western National 2352 Jun 1964 1 Oct 1982 
842SUO212.070 Southern National 2362 Jun 1964 Mar 1980 
861UAE212.001 Bristol Omnibus 2115 Nov 1963 Jul 1981 
862UAE212.002 Bristol Omnibus 2116 Nov 1963 Sep 1979 
863UAE212.003 Bristol Omnibus 2117 Mar 1964 Oct 1984 
864UAE212.004 Bristol Omnibus 2118 Mar 1964 Jan 1977 
865UAE212.005 Bristol Omnibus 2119 Mar 1964 Apr 1984 
866UAE212.006 Bristol Omnibus 2120 Mar 1964 Aug 1983 
867UAE212.028 Bristol Omnibus 2121 Mar 1964 Jun 1982 
868UAE212.029 Bristol Omnibus 2122 Mar 1964 Dec 1975 
869UAE212.030 Bristol Omnibus 2123 Mar 1964 Nov 1979 
971WAE212.059 Bristol Omnibus 2125 May 1964 Nov 1980 
972WAE212.060 Bristol Omnibus 2126 May 1964 Sep 1980 
974WAE212.069 Bristol Omnibus 2128 Jun 1964 Feb 1991 
975WAE212.082 Bristol Omnibus 2129 Jul 1964 Jan 1977 
976WAE212.083 Bristol Omnibus 2130 Jul 1964 Oct 1979 
977WAE212.086 Bristol Omnibus 2131 Jul 1964 May 1982 
978WAE212.087 Bristol Omnibus 2132 Jul 1964 Mar 1978 
AAH124B212.012 Eastern Counties RE974 May 1964 Sep 1984 
ABD252B212.052 United Counties 252 Mar 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
ABD253B212.058 United Counties 253 Mar 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
AFM101B212.084 Crosville CRG526 Jun 1964 Nov 1980 
AFM102B212.085 Crosville CRG527 Jun 1964 Dec 1980 
AFM103B212.092 Crosville CRG528 Jun 1964 Nov 1980 
AFM104B212.093 Crosville CRG529 Jun 1964 Feb 1980 
AFM105B222.004 Crosville CRG530 Jul 1964 Vehicle still in existence 
AFM106B222.005 Crosville CRG531 Jul 1964 Feb 1980 
AFM107B222.006 Crosville CRG532 Jul 1964 Jan 1981 
ATA101B212.088 Western National 2357 Jul 1964 15 Sep 1979 
ATA102B212.089 Western National 2358 Jul 1964 1 Mar 1984 
ATA103B212.094 Western National 2359 Jul 1964 Dec 1979 
AVX963B212.009 Eastern National 580 Jan 1964 Jan 1976 
AVX964B212.010 Eastern National 581 Jan 1964 Jul 1984 
AVX965B212.013 Eastern National 582 Mar 1964 Dec 1989 
AVX966B212.014 Eastern National 583 Mar 1964 13 May 1984 
AVX967B212.015 Eastern National 584 Mar 1964 Dec 1989 
AWR401B212.071 West Yorkshire ERG1 May 1964 Aug 1981 
AWR402B212.072 West Yorkshire ERG2 May 1964 Jun 1976 
AWR403B212.073 West Yorkshire ERG3 May 1964 Sep 1978 
AWR405B222.023 West Yorkshire ERG5 Oct 1964 Sep 1979 
AWR406B222.024 West Yorkshire ERG6 Oct 1964 Jun 1976 
BBD255B222.008 United Counties 255 Jul 1964 Sep 1980 
BBD256B222.009 United Counties 256 Aug 1964 Jan 1981 
BBD257B222.019 United Counties 257 Sep 1964 Jan 1981 
BBD258B222.020 United Counties 258 Sep 1964 Jan 1981 
BBD259B222.021 United Counties 259 Sep 1964 Jan 1981 
GNG92C232.002 Eastern Counties RE880 Dec 1965 May 1980 
GNG479C232.001 Eastern Counties RE879 Dec 1965 Apr 1981 
GNG481C232.003 Eastern Counties RE881 Dec 1965 Nov 1983 
CVL850D232.127 Lincolnshire 1431 May 1966 Vehicle still in existence 
CVL851D232.128 Lincolnshire 1432 May 1966 Feb 1981 
GPW482D232.004 Eastern Counties RE882 Mar 1966 Feb 1984 
GPW883D232.011 Eastern Counties RE883 Mar 1966 Jul 1983 
GPW884D232.012 Eastern Counties RE884 Mar 1966 Nov 1983 
GPW885D232.013 Eastern Counties RE885 Apr 1966 Sep 1980 
GPW886D232.021 Eastern Counties RE886 Apr 1966 Feb 1984 
GVF888D232.023 Eastern Counties RE888 Apr 1966 Sep 1980 
GVF889D232.046 Eastern Counties RE889 Apr 1966 Sep 1980 
GWO1D232.008 Red and White RC166 Jan 1966 1 Jun 1984 
GWO2D232.009 Red and White RC266 Jan 1966 Dec 1987 
GWO3D232.010 Red and White RC366 Jan 1966 Dec 1981 
GWO4D232.018 Red and White RC466 Feb 1966 28 May 1982 
GWO5D232.019 Red and White RC566 Feb 1966 Jan 1979 
GWO6D232.020 Red and White RC666 Feb 1966 Apr 1980 
GWO7D232.042 Red and White RC766 Mar 1966 Sep 1982 
GWO8D232.043 Red and White RC866 Mar 1966 May 1984 
GWO9D232.045 Red and White RC966 Mar 1966 3 Feb 1984 
GWO10D232.079 Red and White RC1066 Mar 1966 Nov 1979 
GWO11D232.101 Red and White RC1166 Mar 1966 18 Jul 1982 
HAH890D232.073 Eastern Counties RE890 May 1966 May 1980 
HAH891D232.078 Eastern Counties RE891 May 1966 Mar 1984 
HAH892D232.102 Eastern Counties RE892 May 1966 May 1980 
HAH893D232.103 Eastern Counties RE893 May 1966 Oct 1983 
HFM571D232.005 Crosville CRG571 May 1966 2 Jun 1981 
HFM572D232.006 Crosville CRG572 May 1966 Nov 1980 
HFM573D232.007 Crosville CRG573 May 1966 Vehicle still in existence 
HFM574D232.015 Crosville CRG574 May 1966 Oct 1980 
HFM575D232.016 Crosville CRG575 May 1966 Nov 1980 
HFM576D232.017 Crosville CRG576 May 1966 1982 
HFM577D232.028 Crosville CRG577 May 1966 Dec 1980 
HFM578D232.029 Crosville CRG578 May 1966 Jun 1980 
HFM579D232.030 Crosville CRG579 May 1966 Nov 1980 
HFM580D232.071 Crosville CRG580 Apr 1966 Jun 1982 
JHN31D232.117 United Automobile RE31 May 1966 Jun 1979 
JHN333D232.119 United Automobile RE33 May 1966 Nov 1979 
JHN334D232.120 United Automobile RE34 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN335D232.121 United Automobile RE35 May 1966 Dec 1978 
JHN836D232.122 United Automobile RE36 Jun 1966 Aug 1978 
JHN837D232.123 United Automobile RE37 Jun 1966 Aug 1978 
JHN838D232.124 United Automobile RE38 Jun 1966 Dec 1977 
JHN840D232.126 United Automobile RE40 Jun 1966 Dec 1978 
LWT369D232.108 West Yorkshire ERG7 May 1966 Jun 1979 
LWT825D232.109 West Yorkshire ERG8 May 1966 Sep 1978 
LWW790D232.110 West Yorkshire ERG9 May 1966 Dec 1978 
MWR962D232.129 West Yorkshire ERG10 Jul 1966 Jun 1979 
MWR963D232.130 West Yorkshire ERG11 Jul 1966 Sep 1979 
HDV624E238.044 Southern National 2365 Mar 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
HDV643E238.047 Western National 2368 Mar 1967 Jul 1988 
HDV645E238.049 Western National 2370 Mar 1967 Jun 1991 
KCY211E238.068 United Welsh 53 Mar 1967 Jun 1984 
KCY212E238.069 United Welsh 54 Mar 1967 Jun 1984 
KRP263E238.037 United Counties 263 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
KRP264E238.038 United Counties 264 Mar 1967 Sep 1981 
KRP265E238.039 United Counties 265 Mar 1967 2 Mar 1980 
KRP266E238.040 United Counties 266 Mar 1967 Dec 1982 
KRP267E238.041 United Counties 267 Mar 1967 Sep 1981 
KRP268E238.042 United Counties 268 Apr 1967 Sep 1981 
KRP269E238.043 United Counties 269 Apr 1967 Nov 1985 
KRP270E238.094 United Counties 270 Jun 1967 Jun 1982 
NHN141E238.050 United Automobile RE41 Mar 1967 8 Mar 1980 
NHN144E238.053 United Automobile RE44 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN150E238.063 United Automobile RE50 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN152E238.065 United Automobile RE52 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN953E238.066 United Automobile RE53 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN954E238.067 United Automobile RE54 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN958E238.073 United Automobile RE58 Mar 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN959E238.074 United Automobile RE59 Mar 1967 Dec 1979 
NHN960E238.075 United Automobile RE60 Apr 1967 Apr 1980 
NHN963E238.090 United Automobile RE63 May 1967 Dec 1979 
OFM26E238.055 Crosville CRG26 Apr 1967 Nov 1980 
OFM27E238.056 Crosville CRG27 Mar 1967 Mar 1980 
OFM28E238.057 Crosville CRG28 Apr 1967 Nov 1980 
OFM29E238.058 Crosville CRG29 Apr 1967 Nov 1980 
OWT241EREX003 Bristol Commercial Vehicles  Jul 1963 Aug 1979 
PWR858E238.078 West Yorkshire CRG2 May 1967 Sep 1979 
PWR859E238.079 West Yorkshire CRG3 May 1967 Jun 1979 
PWR860E238.080 West Yorkshire CRG4 May 1967 Sep 1979 
LDV465FRELH-4-130 Southern National 1455 Feb 1968 1 Aug 1984 
LDV466FRELH-4-131 Southern National 1456 Feb 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV467FRELH-4-132 Southern National 1457 Dec 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
LDV469FRELH-4-134 Western National 1451 Feb 1968 12 Dec 2000 
LDV472FRELH-4-137 Western National 1454 May 1968 15 Jan 1980 
LDV843FRELH-4-163 Western National 2371 May 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV844FRELH-4-164 Western National 2372 Jun 1968 Aug 1980 
LDV846FRELH-4-166 Western National 2374 Jun 1968 20 Jul 1984 
LDV847FRELH-4-159 Southern National 2375 Mar 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
LDV849FRELH-4-161 Southern National 2377 May 1968 Sep 1982 
LDV850FRELH-4-162 Southern National 2378 May 1968 Feb 1983 
NHW308FRELH-4-143 Bristol Omnibus 2151 25 Mar 1968 Jan 1984 
NHW309FRELH-4-144 Bristol Omnibus 2152 May 1968 Nov 1981 
NHW310FRELH-4-145 Bristol Omnibus 2153 May 1968 Nov 1981 
NHW311FRELH-4-146 Bristol Omnibus 2154 May 1968 9 Apr 1981 
NHW312FRELH-4-147 Bristol Omnibus 2155 1 May 1968 Jan 1984 
NHW313FRELH-4-148 Bristol Omnibus 2156 May 1968 Nov 1981 
OAX1FRELH-4-103 Red and White RC168 Jan 1968 14 Mar 1983 
OAX2FRELH-4-104 Red and White RC268 Mar 1968 23 Apr 1983 
OAX3FRELH-4-105 Red and White RC368 Feb 1968 Mar 1983 
OAX4FRELH-4-106 Red and White RC468 Feb 1968 Sep 1983 
OAX5FRELH-4-107 Red and White RC568 Mar 1968 14 Nov 1983 
OAX6FRELH-4-108 Red and White RC668 Feb 1968 Apr 1984 
OAX7FRELH-4-109 Red and White RC768 Feb 1968 5 May 1984 
OAX8FRELH-4-110 Red and White RC868 Mar 1968 24 Jun 1984 
OAX9FRELH-4-111 Red and White RC968 22 Sep 1967 Vehicle still in existence 
OAX10FRELH-4-112 Red and White RC1068 Mar 1968 8 Sep 1984 
ORP271FRELH-4-177 United Counties 271 May 1968 Apr 1984 
ORP272FRELH-4-178 United Counties 272 May 1968 Sep 1981 
ORP273FRELH-4-179 United Counties 273 May 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
ORP274FRELH-4-180 United Counties 274 May 1968 Apr 1984 
ORP275FRELH-4-181 United Counties 275 May 1968 Jun 1978 
ORP276FRELH-4-182 United Counties 276 May 1968 Apr 1984 
SHN766FRELH-4-167 United Automobile RE66 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN767FRELH-4-168 United Automobile RE67 Apr 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN768FRELH-4-169 United Automobile RE68 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN769FRELH-4-170 United Automobile RE69 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN770FRELH-4-171 United Automobile RE70 Apr 1968 Sep 1980 
SHN771FRELH-4-172 United Automobile RE71 May 1968 8 Mar 1980 
SHN772FRELH-4-173 United Automobile RE72 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN773FRELH-4-174 United Automobile RE73 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN774FRELH-4-175 United Automobile RE74 May 1968 Sep 1984 
SHN775FRELH-4-176 United Automobile RE75 May 1968 Sep 1980 
TWW766FRELH-4-150 West Yorkshire CRG6 Jan 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
TWX144FRELH-4-149 West Yorkshire CRG5 Mar 1968 Feb 1980 
TWX145FRELH-4-151 West Yorkshire CRG7 Mar 1968 Feb 1980 
TWX146FRELH-4-152 West Yorkshire CRG8 Mar 1968 Mar 1980 
TWX147FRELH-4-153 West Yorkshire CRG9 Mar 1968 Apr 1980 
TWX653FRELH-4-154 West Yorkshire CRG10 Mar 1968 Apr 1980 
UFM37FRELH-4-138 Crosville CRG37 Apr 1968 Jun 1984 
UFM38FRELH-4-139 Crosville CRG38 Apr 1968 Nov 1983 
UFM39FRELH-4-140 Crosville CRG39 Apr 1968 Jan 1985 
UFM40FRELH-4-141 Crosville CRG40 Apr 1968 May 1981 
UFM41FRELH-4-142 Crosville CRG41 Apr 1968 Nov 1980 
YHK724FRELH-4-119 Eastern National 407 May 1968 1 Feb 1985 
YHK725FRELH-4-120 Eastern National 408 Apr 1968 Jul 1993 
YHK726FRELH-4-126 Eastern National 409 Apr 1968 May 1984 
YHK727FRELH-4-127 Eastern National 410 Apr 1968 Sep 1982 
YHK728FRELH-4-128 Tillings Transport T441 Apr 1968 Jul 1980 
YHK729FRELH-4-129 Tillings Transport T442 Apr 1968 30 Jan 1986 
AFM102GRELH-4-195 Crosville CRG102 Feb 1969 Mar 1982 
AFM103GRELH-4-196 Crosville CRG103 6 Feb 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
AFM105GRELH-4-198 Crosville CRG105 1 Mar 1969 1984 
AFM106GRELH-4-218 Crosville CRG106 19 Mar 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
AFM107GRELH-4-219 Crosville CRG107 Apr 1969 Sep 1981 
AFM108GRELH-4-220 Crosville CRG108 Apr 1969 Mar 1982 
AFM109GRELH-4-221 Crosville CRG109 Apr 1969 Mar 1981 
AFM110GRELH-4-222 Crosville CRG110 May 1969 Apr 1983 
AFM111GRELH-4-223 Crosville CRG111 1 May 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA630GRELH-4-199 Southern National 1458 Mar 1969 22 Mar 1989 
OTA631GRELH-4-200 Southern National 1459 Mar 1969 1 Sep 1988 
OTA632GRELH-4-201 Southern National 1460 Mar 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA634GRELH-4-216 Western National 1462 Apr 1969 Oct 1982 
OTA635GRELH-4-217 Western National 1463 Apr 1969 13 Sep 1980 
OTA636GRELH-4-224 Western National 1464 Apr 1969 Apr 1985 
OTA638GRELH-4-226 Western National 1466 Apr 1969 May 1980 
OTA639GRELH-4-207 Southern National 2379 Mar 1969 9 Feb 1992 
OTA640GRELH-4-208 Southern National 2380 Mar 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA641GRELH-4-209 Southern National 2381 Mar 1969 25 Jul 1976 
OTA642GRELH-4-210 Southern National 2382 Mar 1969 3 Aug 1983 
OTA643GRELH-4-203 Western National 2383 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
OTA644GRELH-4-204 Western National 2384 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
OTA645GRELH-4-205 Western National 2385 Apr 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
OTA646GRELH-4-206 Western National 2386 Apr 1969 Aug 1980 
SAX1GRELH-4-184 Red and White RC169 Nov 1968 Vehicle still in existence 
SAX2GRELH-4-185 Red and White RC269 Nov 1968 16 Mar 1983 
SAX3GRELH-4-186 Red and White RC369 Nov 1968 Apr 1994 
SAX4GRELH-4-187 Red and White RC469 Dec 1968 Dec 1989 
SAX5GRELH-4-188 Red and White RC569 Dec 1968 24 Nov 1983 
SAX6GRELH-4-189 Red and White RC669 Dec 1968 8 Dec 1987 
SAX7GRELH-4-190 Red and White RC769 Jan 1969 Nov 1983 
SAX8GRELH-4-191 Red and White RC869 Dec 1968 7 Oct 1983 
SAX9GRELH-4-192 Red and White RC969 Jan 1969 Jul 1993 
SAX10GRELH-4-193 Red and White RC1069 Jan 1969 Sep 1983 
SAX11GRELH-4-194 Red and White RC1169 Jan 1969 24 Apr 1984 
SVF894GRELH-4-211 Eastern Counties RE894 Jun 1969 May 1981 
SVF895GRELH-4-212 Eastern Counties RE895 Jun 1969 Oct 1984 
SVF896GRELH-4-213 Eastern Counties RE896 Jun 1969 Vehicle still in existence 
SVF897GRELH-4-214 Eastern Counties RE897 Jun 1969 May 1981 
SVF898GRELH-4-215 Eastern Counties RE898 Jun 1969 May 1981 
WHN676GRELH-4-227 United Automobile 1276 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN677GRELH-4-228 United Automobile 1277 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN678GRELH-4-229 United Automobile 1278 May 1969 Sep 1984 
WHN679GRELH-4-230 United Automobile 1279 May 1969 Sep 1980 
WHN680GRELH-4-231 United Automobile 1280 May 1969 Sep 1980 
YWY513GRELH-4-232 West Yorkshire CRG11 May 1969 May 1982 
YWY514GRELH-4-234 West Yorkshire CRG13 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG217GRELH-4-233 West Yorkshire CRG12 May 1969 Nov 1981 
YYG218GRELH-4-235 West Yorkshire CRG14 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG540GRELH-4-236 West Yorkshire CRG15 May 1969 May 1982 
YYG541GRELH-4-237 West Yorkshire CRG16 May 1969 May 1982 
BHN581HRELH-4-292 United Automobile 1281 May 1970 Dec 1980 
BHN582HRELH-4-293 United Automobile 1282 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN583HRELH-4-294 United Automobile 1283 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN584HRELH-4-295 United Automobile 1284 May 1970 Sep 1980 
BHN585HRELH-4-296 United Automobile 1285 May 1970 Sep 1980 
CWY498HRELH-4-297 West Yorkshire CRL1 May 1970 Dec 1981 
CWY499HRELH-4-298 West Yorkshire CRL2 1 May 1970 1 Jun 1983 
CWY500HRELH-4-299 West Yorkshire CRL3 May 1970 14 Mar 1981 
CWY501HRELH-4-300 West Yorkshire CRL4 May 1970 Dec 1980 
CWY502HRELH-4-301 West Yorkshire CRL5 May 1970 Dec 1981 
CWY503HRELH-4-302 West Yorkshire CRL6 May 1970 Aug 1981 
EFM160HRELH-4-255 Crosville CRG160 Feb 1970 Feb 1983 
EFM161HRELH-4-256 Crosville CRG161 Mar 1970 23 Apr 1983 
EFM162HRELH-4-257 Crosville CRG162 1 Mar 1970 Sep 1985 
EFM163HRELH-4-258 Crosville CRG163 6 Mar 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
EFM164HRELH-4-259 Crosville CRG164 Feb 1970 Dec 1981 
GVW981HRELH-4-270 Eastern National 419 1 Apr 1970 Dec 1989 
GVW982HRELH-4-271 Eastern National 420 1 Mar 1970 1 Oct 1987 
GVW983HRELH-4-275 Eastern National 421 1 Apr 1970 Dec 1987 
RDV413HRELH-4-260 Western National 2387 Mar 1970 Aug 1990 
RDV414HRELH-4-261 Western National 2388 Mar 1970 Dec 1990 
RDV417HRELH-4-264 Western National 2391 Mar 1970 Jan 1980 
RDV421HRELH-4-272 Western National 1470 Mar 1970 1 Jan 2011 
RDV422HRELH-4-273 Western National 1471 Mar 1970 Dec 1982 
RDV423HRELH-4-274 Western National 1472 Apr 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV424HRELH-4-279 Western National 1473 Apr 1970 Apr 2001 
RDV425HRELH-4-280 Western National 1474 Apr 1970 Oct 1982 
RDV426HRELH-4-281 Western National 1475 Apr 1970 Aug 1980 
RDV427HRELH-4-282 Western National 1476 May 1970 May 2005 
RDV428HRELH-4-283 Western National 1477 May 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV429HRELH-4-284 Western National 1478 May 1970 2 Mar 1984 
RDV430HRELH-4-287 Western National 1479 May 1970 May 1984 
RDV433HRELH-4-290 Western National 1482 Jun 1970 Vehicle still in existence 
RDV434HRELH-4-291 Western National 1483 Jun 1970 Aug 1980 

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