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The following Bristol built vehicles are not detailed on this site. For details try looking on this page for links to other specific sites, on Rob Sly's site for vehicles that still exist and Bus lists on the web for details of the original owners.

Registration Chassis Body Owner Built
DT1  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT2  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT2050  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT2051  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT2052  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT3  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT3373  Bristol B  Roe B30F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT3374  Bristol B  Roe B30F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT3375  Bristol B  Roe B30F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT4  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT667  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT668  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT669  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT670  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT671  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
DT672  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Doncaster Corporation     
EF3461  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3464  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3465  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3466  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3471  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3472  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3473  Bristol B  Roe B29D  West Hartlepool     
EF3714  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Hartlepool     
EF3715  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Hartlepool     
EF3716  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Hartlepool     
EF3717  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Hartlepool     
ET4602  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4603  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4742  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4743  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4744  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4913  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4914  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4915  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4916  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4917  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4918  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET4919  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5231  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5347  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5348  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5467  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5468  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5469  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5470  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5471  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5858  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5859  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5860  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET5956  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6045  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6046  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6047  Bristol B  Roe B31C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6224  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6225  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6380  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6381  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6382  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6383  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6384  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6600  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6601  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6602  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6603  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6604  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6605  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
ET6606  Bristol B  Roe B32C  Rotherham Corporation     
RA4516  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Williamson, Heanor     
RA4517  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Williamson, Heanor     
RA4518  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Williamson, Heanor     
RA4519  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Williamson, Heanor     
RA4996  Bristol B  Roe B32F  Brookes, Stanton     
SN4098  Bristol B  Roe B26F  Graham, Kirkintilloch     

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