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The following Bristol built vehicles are not detailed on this site. For details try looking on this page for links to other specific sites, on Rob Sly's site for vehicles that still exist and Bus lists on the web for details of the original owners.

Registration Chassis Body Owner Built
CDT677  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Doncaster Corporation     
CRX196  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Thames Valley     
CRX197  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Thames Valley     
CRX198  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Thames Valley     
CRX544  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Thames Valley     
CRX545  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Thames Valley     
DJ9267  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  St Helens Corporation     
DJ9268  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  St Helens Corporation     
DJ9269  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  St Helens Corporation     
DJ9270  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  St Helens Corporation     
EKV284  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Coventry Corporation     
FAH107  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FAH108  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FAH109  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FFM310  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM311  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM312  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM313  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM314  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM315  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM316  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM334  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM335  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM336  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM337  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM338  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM339  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM340  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM341  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM342  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM343  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM344  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM379  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM380  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM381  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FFM382  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Crosville     
FLJ976  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Hants and Dorset     
FLJ977  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Hants and Dorset     
FLJ978  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Hants and Dorset     
FNG141  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG142  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG143  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG144  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG145  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG146  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG398  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG399  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FNG400  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Eastern Counties     
FTT695  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Southern National     
FTT696  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Southern National     
FTT701  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Southern National     
FTT702  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Western National     
FTT703  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Western National     
FTT704  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Western National     
FTT705  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Western National     
FTT706  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Western National     
FVO330  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
GHN634  Bristol K  Strachans L28/26R  United Automobile     
GHN837  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  United Automobile     
GHN841  Bristol K  Strachans L28/26R  United Automobile     
GTA395  Bristol K  Strachans B35R  Southern National     
HHY586  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY587  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY588  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY589  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY590  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY591  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY592  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY593  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY594  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY595  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY596  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY597  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY598  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HHY599  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
HVT912  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT913  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT914  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT915  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT916  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT990  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
HVT991  Bristol K  Strachans L27/26R  Potteries     
JAE762  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
JAE763  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
JAE764  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
JAE765  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
JAE766  Bristol K  Strachans L27/28R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT18  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT19  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT20  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT21  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT22  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     
JHT23  Bristol K  Strachans H30/26R  Bristol Omnibus     

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