BRISTOL RELH/ECW     A website about the original ECW body on the Bristol RELH chassis.
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The following Bristol built vehicles are not detailed on this site. For details try looking on this page for links to other specific sites, on Rob Sly's site for vehicles that still exist and Bus lists on the web for details of the original owners.

Registration Chassis Body Owner Built
ACG134R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Waterhouse, Polegate     
AKN921T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Pilcher, Chatham     
ARB121T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Moxon, Oldcotes     
ASU510S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Southern, Barrhead     
ATV2T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Skill, Nottingham     
BKJ462T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Pilcher, Chatham     
BUR439T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Lewis, London     
CLJ413Y  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Bere Regis and District     
CNK633T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Taylor, Meppershall     
CTM415T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Horlock, Northfleet     
DNK583Y  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Johnson, Stanford     
DNK584Y  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Johnson, Stanford     
ERP21T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Jeffs, Helmdon     
ESU815X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Stokes, Carstairs     
EUS267T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Park, Hamilton     
FTW133T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Harris, Grays     
GFM663X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Jones, Minera     
GGC223X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Richmond, Epsom     
GGC224X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Richmond, Epsom     
GGE16S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Stewart, Dalmuir     
GGF227T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Richmond, Epsom     
GHH256N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Yeowart, Whitehaven     
GNM232N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
GNM233N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
GNM234N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
GOU912X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Collis, Bedminster     
GOW464X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Luckett, Wallington     
HCG58S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Easson, Southampton     
HEJ337N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  James, Llangeitho     
HGT895N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
HHE217N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Sims, Sheffield     
HKG65N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Bebb Travel, Llantwit Fardre     
HKG66N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Bebb Travel, Llantwit Fardre     
HKG67N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Bebb Travel, Llantwit Fardre     
HKO858N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Horlock, Northfleet     
HUH460N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Crookes, Cardiff     
IZX70  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  O'sullivan, Kilarney     
JFH473N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Soudley Valley, Soudley     
JHS720N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Park, Hamilton     
JLE44N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Westcott, Harmondsworth     
JLN237N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Wilder, Feltham     
JLN520N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Westcott, Harmondsworth     
JOG711W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Meddings and Jones, Birmingham     
JSU432T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Southern, Barrhead     
JUJ493N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Mcsorley, Eardington     
JVW425N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C28F  Harris, Grays     
KGA316N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Stewart, Dalmuir     
KNP328N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Everton, Droitwich     
LBF701P  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Baker, Bidduplh     
LBT380N  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Thornes, Bubwith     
LFG248W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Southern Counties, Crawley     
LFV920T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Ducksworth, Gisburn     
LLJ605W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Bere Regis and District     
MSB155R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Craig, Campbeltown     
MVK499R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Rowell, Prudhoe On Tyne     
NEV106R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Harris, Grays     
NTB984R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Eavesway, North Ashton     
NTT574W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Seward, Dalwood     
NVU816W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Cooper, Audenshaw     
PAY859R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Stone, Church Gresley     
PBC4R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Kinch, Mountsorrel     
PBC6R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Kinch, Mountsorrel     
PCP128R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Longstaff, Mirfield     
PHL454R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Ulph, Rotherham     
PNM35R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Taylor, Meppershall     
PPE663R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Hodge, Sandhurst     
PRO439W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Skinner and Harvey, Oxted     
PRO443W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Clark, London     
RBP847S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Budden, Woodfalls     
RCN375S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Tyne and Wear Pte     
RDW45R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Crookes, Cardiff     
RGF230P  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
RGF231P  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
RHE987R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Thistle, Doncaster     
RHP7R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Supreme, Coventry     
RLN227W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C26F  British Airways C300     
RLN228W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C26F  British Airways C301     
RLN229W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C26F  British Airways C302     
RLN230W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C26F  British Airways C303     
RLN231W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C26F  British Airways C304     
RYS943R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Park, Hamilton     
SFP828X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Courtlands, Horley     
SKO690R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Horlock, Northfleet     
SNU301R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Skill, Nottingham     
SPJ60X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Bicknell, Godalming     
SYU735S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Grey Green, London     
TCE131S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Miller, Foxton     
TMJ643R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  George, Hare Street     
TOU636T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Roman City, Bath     
TPC500S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Hodge, Sandhurst     
TVJ588S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Pennworld, Hereford     
TVJ589S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Pennworld, Hereford     
UAY221S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Howlett, Quorn     
UFX627X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Courtlands, Horley     
UFX628X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Courtlands, Horley     
UFX629X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Courtlands, Horley     
UGK228R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C33F  Richmond, Epsom     
UVO816S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Simmons, Great Gonnerby     
UYY198S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  The British Council, London     
VAB839R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Price, Halesowen     
VDS216R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Greater Glasgow Pte     
VPR862X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Courtlands, Horley     
VRJ594X  Bristol LHS  Plaxton B35F  Cooper, Ashton Under Lyne     
VSA418S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Dawson, Auchnagatt     
VWS975T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Roman City, Bath     
WHS135S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Park, Hamilton     
WNN572S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Gash, Newark     
WOV581T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Mid-Warkwickshire Motors     
XFB489S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Cooper, Droylesden     
XGO225W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Richmond, Epsom     
XGO226W  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Richmond, Epsom     
XHD381R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Central, Ripponden     
XHO656R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C30F  Budden, Woodfalls     
XPC420R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Boulton, Todmorden     
YPP317T  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Horlock, Northfleet     
YUS35R  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Chapman, Airdrie     
YVW902S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Boon, Boreham     
YWW356S  Bristol LHS  Plaxton C35F  Lunn, Rothwell     

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