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The following Bristol built vehicles are not detailed on this site. For details try looking on this page for links to other specific sites, on Rob Sly's site for vehicles that still exist and Bus lists on the web for details of the original owners.

Registration Chassis Body Owner Built
39WMN  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Isle Of Man Road Services     
40WMN  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Isle Of Man Road Services     
ADG330K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG331K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG332K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG333K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG334K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG335K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
ADG336K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Black and White     
AZF367  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C53F  Cronin Cork     
BDV399L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BDV400L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BDV401L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BDV402L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BDV403L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BDV404L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
BFJ310L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C46F  Greenslades     
BFJ311L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C46F  Greenslades     
BFJ312L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C46F  Greenslades     
BFJ313L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C46F  Greenslades     
BFJ314L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C46F  Greenslades     
BFM293L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM294L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM295L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM296L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM297L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM298L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM299L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM300L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM301L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BFM302L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Crosville     
BJB883J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
BJB884J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
CAH858K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
CAH859K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
CAH860K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
CJB587J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
CJB588J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
CJB589J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
CJB590J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Thames Valley     
CZO23  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C53F  Ascough, Dublin     
EHW313K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Bristol Omnibus     
EHW314K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Bristol Omnibus     
EHW315K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Bristol Omnibus     
GFJ670N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
GFJ671N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
GFJ672N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
GFJ673N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
GJD194N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  National Travel (SE)    Vehicle still in existence
GJD195N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  National Travel (SE)     
GJD196N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  National Travel (SE)    Vehicle still in existence
GJD197N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  National Travel (SE)     
GJD198N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  National Travel (SE)     
GJD199N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  National Travel (SE)     
GVL557N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Lincolnshire     
HBK506E  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Byng, Portsmouth     
JNK561N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C53F  Davies Halewood     
JON700E  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Flight Birmingham     
LPW854L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
LPW855L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
LPW856L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
LPW857L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
LWC974J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
LWC975J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
LWC976J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C40F  Eastern National     
LWC977J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
LWC978J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
LWC979J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
LWC980J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National    Vehicle still in existence
LWC981J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
LWC982J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
NAX3M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Red and White      
NAX4M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Red and White      
NAX5M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Red and White      
NAX6M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Red and White      
NCN813L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN814L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN815L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN816L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN817L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN818L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN819L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN820L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Northern General     
NCN821L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Sunderland District     
NCN822L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Sunderland District     
NDP68M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
NDP69M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
NDP70M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley    Vehicle still in existence
NDP71M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
NDP72M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
NHN786K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN787K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN788K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN789K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN790K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN791K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN792K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN793K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN794K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NHN795K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C45F  United Automobile     
NOW102M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Jones, Aberbeeg     
NYG802M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire    Vehicle still in existence
NYG803M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
NYG804M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
NYG805M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
NYG806M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
ONI300  Bristol RELH  Plaxton B55F  Doyle, Roundwood     
PDV405M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PDV406M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PDV407M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PDV408M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PDV409M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PDV410M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PDV411M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PDV412M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PDV413M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PFJ414M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PFJ415M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PFJ416M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
PUO500M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PUO501M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PUO502M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PUO503M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
PWC339K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
PWC340K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
PWC341K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
PWC342K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
PWC343K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
PWC344K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
PWC345K  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C42F  Eastern National     
PYG324M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
PYG325M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
PYG326M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
PYG327M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
PYG328M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
RTT417N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
RTT418N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
RTT419N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
RTT420N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
RTT421N  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Western National     
RWY632M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
RWY633M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
RWY634M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
RWY635M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
RWY636M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
SAH850M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
SAH851M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties    Vehicle still in existence
SAH852M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
SAH853M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Eastern Counties     
SBD219M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  United Counties     
SBD220M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  United Counties     
SBD221M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  United Counties     
SBD222M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  United Counties     
SBD223M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  United Counties     
SJB113M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
SJB114M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
SJB115M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
SJB116M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
SJB117M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Alder Valley     
TFC57J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  City Of Oxford     
TFC58J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  City Of Oxford     
TFE402L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Lincolnshire     
TFE403L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Lincolnshire     
TFE404L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Lincolnshire     
TFE405L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Lincolnshire     
UFJ229J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Greenslades    Vehicle still in existence
UFJ230J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Greenslades     
UFJ231J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Greenslades     
UFJ232J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Greenslades     
UFJ233J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Greenslades    Vehicle still in existence
URC621L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Trent     
URC958M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Trent     
URC959M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Trent     
URC960M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  Trent     
UTT561J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT562J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT563J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT564J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT565J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT566J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UTT567J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Western National     
UUO450J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Greenslades     
UUO451J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Greenslades     
UUO452J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Greenslades     
UUO453J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Greenslades     
UUO454J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Greenslades     
WWT173L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
WWT174L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
WWT175L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
WWT176L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
WWT177L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C49F  West Yorkshire     
XBW74M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C40F  City Of Oxford     
XBW75M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C40F  City Of Oxford     
XBW76M  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C40F  City Of Oxford     
XOO877L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XOO878L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XOO879L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XOO880L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XOO881L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XOO882L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C47F  Eastern National     
XVW631L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Eastern National    Vehicle still in existence
XVW632L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Eastern National     
XVW633L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Eastern National     
XVW634L  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C44F  Eastern National     
XWO936J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Red and White      
XWO937J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Red and White      
XWO938J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Jones, Aberbeeg     
XWO939J  Bristol RELH  Plaxton C51F  Jones, Aberbeeg     

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