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Bristol RE 974 WAE

974WAE was delivered as Bristol Omnibus's 2128 during Jun 1964.

It had 45 coach seats in it's Eastern Coachworks body, number 14475.
When built it was fitted with a 1 piece coach (small) destination panel and a coach type door. (Illustrations)
Its chassis (number 212.069) was powered by a Gardner 6HLX engine.

This vehicle no longer exists, it was last recorded in Feb 1991.


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   Livery Owner Date Location Photo copyright Photo link
 Bristol Greyhound Cream/Red Bristol Omnibus 2128  London Book-South West 1970  Buy Book 
**Bristol Greyhound Cream/Red Bristol Omnibus 2128  Bath    
**Bristol Greyhound Cream/Red Bristol Omnibus 2128  Bristol    
 NBC CAG White/Magenta Bristol Omnibus 2128 Apr 1973 London Book-NBC Early Years  Buy Book 
**NBC Green/White DP Bristol Omnibus 2128      
 NBC Express Western National 2307 14 Sep 1974 Salisbury David Mant Click Here 
**NBC Express Western National 2307 Aug 1976 Plymouth Book-Glory - Royal Blue  Buy Book 
 White/Blue Morris   Morriston the quiet man2010 Click Here 
 White/Blue Morris  1978 Morriston John Law Click Here 
 White/Blue Morris  Sep 1982     

Diary for 974WAE

Date Event Owner Number Allocation Details Livery
Jun 1964 Built for:Bristol Omnibus 2128 Bath  Bristol Greyhound Cream/Red 
Oct 1965 Transfer  Cheltenham Gloucestershire's Buses  
Jan 1967 Transfer  Bristol, Lawrence Hill Gloucestershire's Buses  
May 1968 Transfer  Bath Gloucestershire's Buses  
Jan 1969 Transfer  Swindon Gloucestershire's Buses  
May 1970 Transfer  Weston super Mare Gloucestershire's Buses  
Apr 1971 Repaint   Gloucestershire's Buses NBC CAG White/Magenta 
Nov 1973 Repaint   Gloucestershire's Buses NBC Green/White DP 
May 1974 Withdrawn by:Bristol Omnibus  Gloucestershire's Buses  
May 1974 Transfer Bristol Omnibus 2128 Bristol, Lawrence Hill Gloucestershire's Buses  
Jun 1974 Sold to:Western National 2307  Gloucestershire's Buses  
Jul 1975   Helston Plymouth Bus Club  
By Dec 1976 Withdrawn by:Western National    
Jan 1977 Sold to:North    
May 1977 Sold to:Morris    
By Sep 1982 Repaint    White/Blue 
May 1984 Sold to:Cleverley    
27 Jan 1987 Last recorded by DVLA  Base colour: White 
By Feb 1991 Withdrawn by:Cleverley  TAG Fleet Index, Wales  

Owners shown above in Green are preservationists, Red are dealers, Blue for PSV use and brown for None-PSV.

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